Knee Update

Saw the orthopedic today. After meeting with him we decided on extending my physical therapy for another 6 weeks. Along with this I walked out with a script for a new custom knee brace. Hopefully this will stop the subluxing and get the patella tracking correctly. 

Ahhhh, why are you taking so long to heal knee. I don’t remember it taking so long to heal last time. Oh that’s right I was younger and in better shape then. 

Damn this getting older and being out of shape.  


You Did What


Apparently, this is now ours. My husband bought this plane today while working overseas with limited internet access. 

Clearly, there was enough to buy a plane though. 

I told him we needed to up his life insurance policy before he was allowed to actually get in it. Second, I am not getting in that death trap. Third, I’m going to need some new shoes and several stiff drinks. 

Happy Monday!