That Type Of Day

Its a rainy drizzly day. I’ve spent the majority of it alternating between being curled up on the couch with my book and watching movies. 

ABCFamily has it going on today. Mamma Mia, the music of ABBA yes please. Now it’s the Nicholas Sparks double header of The Notebook followed by The Lucky One. Yeah, I’m not going anywhere for the next few hours. 

Tomorrow I’ve got some treatment appointments for my leg which is good because today it’s really not feeling to well. Although, that could be due to the weather. Whenever it rains or is cold and damp my old injuries come back to haunt me so why wouldn’t the current injuries flair up and feel worse. 

I’ve sat on my butt for long enough though and it’s time to stop feeling pity for myself and get my ass in gear and eat healthy foods and workout in some way. I’ve come to far to quit now and let this injury screw with my progress. 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. 


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