Went to the chiropractor today to get the hip worked on. I don’t really feel that it’s moving at all. The chiropractor says it is but I don’t feel it. 

I mean when they manipulate my back and neck I feel and hear it. However, with my hip I feel as though nothing is moving. I can tell you this for sure the hip is still out and not anywhere near back in. 

It’s definitely getting frustrating. The hip out, the knee being weak and hurting, and the ankle pain is starting to wear on me. And I really want to get back into the gym doing some serious work again. Unfortunately, that’s not an option. 

Being injured sucks and this whole healing thing is getting old quick. I have at least another 6 weeks before I can return to activity maybe longer. *#@&$*#% is pretty much all I have to say about this nonsense. 

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