It’s About To Get Worse

It’s safe to say that I have tons of thick-to-thin merchandise. I have almost every thing that is offered in the store. 

Every time a new tank comes out I quickly purchase it. Sweatshirts, long sleeves, pants, yup I grab them too. 

They have released a new design yesterday in several different shirt options. I’ve tried to contain myself by only purchasing 2 of the 5 shirts. Yeah I have a slight problem it’s okay I admit it. But, when you have these shirts that are motivational, fun, and a conversation starter you can’t help but want to own them. 

Today, I had physical therapy and if you saw my post yesterday it’s pretty much pure torture. So today I wore this tank:

Because sometimes I need to remind myself that I am in fact Badass! And, let me tell you the exercises hurt but I plowed through them and owned them. I may be out of the gym for a while until this heals and I’m injury free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be Badass in physical therapy. 

Every time I wear one of these shirts I get people asking me about them and where I found them. I tell everyone to check it out. 

And, well I have no plan to stop buying the merchandise because I love it, but my husband will be a bit happier as I signed up to be part of a focus group for the company and was picked! 😃 Yay!  And, well being part of the focus group came with a bonus. Accumulate points and get a free tank. Uhmmmm so see husband of mine who I love dearly I’ll get a free tank from time to time. It’s a good thing that I’m so in love with this company. 

If you are looking for some fun inspiring and motivating workout gear check out Thick-to-Thin. They are pretty BADASS!

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