Torture Session, Uhm I Mean Physical Therapy

Today’s physical therapy session was brutal. We upped my reps, weights, and times for all the exercises I did today. And, well after yesterday’s session my glutes, hamstrings, and quads were already feeling it. 

Along with increasing the difficulty of the exercises we were doing some new ones were added. Unfortunately some of them were quickly tabled as it killed the knee. We also tried to do an exercise we tried on the first day and unfortunately that was a no-go as well. Which of course is quite frustrating to me as I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Ughhhhh recovering from injury sucks.

During leg presses my physical therapist was finally able to feel the clicking/catching/cracking I had been telling her about. She thinks that it is my patella catching on the condyle because of how much my patella is tilted. Which all that means is my patella isn’t even trying to track correctly and that all of the strengthening work we are doing isn’t having the desired affect we were hoping for. Again frustrating. 

We did some massage on my knee and upper leg and well my IT Band is super tight and could be contributing to some of the problems. So, we will be working on loosing that up and working on that in hopes that we will start to see some results after we get that loosened up. 

I just wish I was seeing results faster than I am and felt like my knee was going to go out on me. Unfortunately, this is a lot slower of a process then I wanted. I’m just keep reminding myself be patient, of course that is not one of my stronger qualities. 


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