Today was round 3 of physical therapy this week, and I’m really beginning to think that physical therapist are really just sadist with nice degrees. 

I did all of my normal exercises which we upped again. And, I’m happy with that because it means I am getting stronger and am improving in my strength at least. Even if my patella is still no where near close to tracking the way it should. However, my physical therapist, Morgan, decided to add some new stuff today. Yeah, I may have told her I’m not really liking her much today, and well that may have been repeated more than once. 

Today she added single leg bridges. Say what!!!! I can’t do them when my knee is at 100%, well 100% for me anyway. Ughhhh!!!! Alrighty then sure we will do them. Single leg bridges were done, however, they were not pretty.  They were pretty ugly looking. And, as I finished them she says, we’ll do 2 sets of 10 next time. Oh YAY!!!! 

If that wasn’t enough we changed up my stim treatment. We used to do quad set for 10 seconds then off for 10 seconds for a total of 12 minutes. Today we did leg lift hold for 10 seconds and then off for 10 seconds. Holy Crap! 1 seconds is a long time. I was supposed to do it for 6 minutes but only did 4 and then finished up with quad set for the last 2 minutes, as straight leg raises irritate and start my hip snapping. So after a while it gets to be too much. Once it snaps it’s kind of a PITA to get it back in. Next week I’m sure I’ll be able to go a little bit longer. 

Lastly we did some more deep massage on the IT Band that is not letting up. Man, the massage is not relaxing that’s for sure.  Man the IT Band is seriously tense. Here’s hoping after a few more sessions it loosens up. 

Happy weekend! I’m torture session free until Tuesday. 


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