Model Home Tours

While in here in Dallas my sister-in-law is also here. She’s here networking so that she and my brother can make the move out here.  

With this we spent the day together. First stopping at Sweet Tomatoes for some lunch and then off to explore different neighborhoods that they might like to live in.

We toured a bunch of model homes today. They of course were all beautiful and each had features that were liked and disliked. 

We had a great time and I think she got some solid ideas of what she’d like in their home. 

Top of the list a wine cellar. Yes we toured 2 different model homes with wine cellars. We’ll take that one please. 

Got some walking in and time spent with the sister-in-law it was a good day. 

Hotel Life

We are staying at a pretty decent hotel here in Dallas. We basically have a studio apartment so that’s awesome because I can cook some meals. And, lots of room to do some working out. Plus the place has a fitness room, pool, basketball court, and volleyball. Not that I’ll be playing basketball and volleyball but I can hit the elliptical, bike, and pool. 

Tonight we are having chicken fajitas for dinner since I can cook. Whoooooo!!!!

On The Road

I’m in Texas for the next day 10 days. I’m spending time with the husband while he is working here and checking out the great state of Texas while I’m at it. 

The only thing with traveling and being in a hotel is eating clean and healthy. I love traveling and going to new places but I do miss my kitchen and being able to make meals. 

I have healthy snacks but that only takes me so far. 

Husband Is Home

I picked the husband up from the airport this afternoon. He’ll be home for a few days and then he’s back off to Texas until June. 

So, I’m excited to see him and spend some time with him before he leaves again. Of course I am going to Texas with him for a week so that’ll be fun plus my sister in law will also be there so it’s going to be fun Texas Style!!!