New Merchandise 

Today was an exciting day, not for my wallet but for my workout wardrobe it sure is. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ve heard me talk about From Thick To Thin. It’s a small business created by a woman who creates tanks, tees, other tops, and even some sweats and capris that are filled with fun, motivational, and inspirational sayings geared toward fitness. The company’s tag line is #weareallatheltes. 

I love this tag line because no matter where we are on this particular journey we are all doing the best we can and are an athlete. Weather you are 300+ pounds and can barely walk a mile or are 130 pounds of pure muscle we are athletes of some level. 

I love supporting small businesses and she has continued to get my business over the last several months since I’ve discovered her. My husband continues to say, “I don’t know who this thick to thin woman but I’m clearly paying for her house.” To say that I but a lot of her merchandise may be an understatement. 

I love what she stands for and I love the comments I get on the tops I wear. Not, only are the clothes fun, bright, and encouraging, but they fit really well. Also, she’s very concerned with quality. On more than one occasion I’ve gotten an email letting me know my order or part of my order is delayed due to the printing being wrong and it’s being sent back to the printers to be redone. 

Not only is she creating this clothing line but she also has done a Google group that focused on nutrition. Also she recently just asked if people would be interested in doing a women’s retreat, in which its focus is on fitness, exercise, and nutrition. I’m totally stoked about this idea and hope that it works out. I would love to meet other women that are interested in the same things as me and also in love with Thick to Thin. 

Anyway, today she released the new spring/summer line, and I’m in love. I picked out about $200 worth of merchandise. Now to figure out how to convince the husband that I need all of this. Who am I kidding I’m ordering it anyway. 


There’s a little teaser of what’s available. But seriously go check out her new line. You can do it by simply clicking right here.

If you order this weekend it’s free shipping in the US. So, do it check it out. Let them know that Abby sent you over, and be sure to include your pant size in the comments at checkout as one lucky person will be receiving 5 pairs of compression capris free with their order as part of a giveaway. So now’s the time to try them out if you haven’t already and if you have then it’s time to go back and get some more goods. 


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