Why Don’t You Color Me Rad

Today was the Color Me Rad 5K here in my neck of the woods. I did it with a few friends and it was a lot of fun. Who cares that I resprained the ankle last week or my knee is still jacked up or my hip is out causing my back to be all sorts of tight. I did it anyway. Although, it was a bit painful at times I pushed through and made it. 

The event was Sold Out!!! That’s right Sold Out, that just tells you how many people there were and well there were a lot of us taking in the fun. 


 A little before the race action. Nice and clean and color free. 

And, well I can’t say the same about the end of the race. 


Yup, color everywhere not to exclude my teeth and up my nose. I still have what looks like a giant bruise, but isn’t on my arm from a big dose of purple and blue that just isn’t ready to come off yet. But, hey no big deal it’s just a little color. 

It was definitely a fun way to spend the morning and can’t wait to do another one. 

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