Baby Swim

I attended baby swim class with my sister in law today to watch her niece. OMG not enough words to describe the cuteness that is baby swim class. 

There was a pool full of babies playing, jumping, splashing, going underwater, and just having a good time. 

I was impressed with the facility, teachers, and the experience. The Swim School was amazing. And, a total genius idea. Kudos to whoever came up with it. 

Happy Tuesday

Got Some Steps In Today

I went to the Strawberry Festival today, and well let’s just say I got some serious walking in. 

Between the parking we had found and then touring through the festival it was a day of lots of walking around. 

It was a beautiful day for the event the sun was shining with temps in the high 60’s to low 70’s. 

I had a great time checking out the scenes and enjoy time and laughs with friends. 

Hoping your weekend is shaping up nicely. 

Let It Begin

Even though it’s not really officially summer for a few more weeks this weekend marks the “Official Start” of Summer. 

Many are getting ready for a 3 day weekend filled with friends, family, and BBQs. 

I’m excited for the weekend as I’ll be heading off to a Strawberry Festival on Saturday and then heading to Texas on Sunday. 

Let the weekend and fun begin.