I’m Not Sure If It’s Progress

We closed on our new house on Tuesday and since then have been going full tilt crazy getting things moved. Unlike the last move which was cross country this one is cross town. So, with that there was very little packing. We kind of threw things on the truck or in the trailer and once it was full we went to unload it. Which works pretty well but I’m still left with a ton of crap that still needs to be moved from one house to the other. 

So today I accomplished this: 

A nice, clean, empty room. 

However, this is now what I have at the new house: 


So, I’m not sure if that’s considered progress or status quo. I mean I guess I did get everything from that room into the new house and that room is now clean so I guess it’s some sort of progress. 

Hoping to tackle a bit more tomorrow. As in get the bathroom cleaned out, coat closet, and part of the guest bedroom done. Definitely getting the bathroom and hall closet done. 

Moving is a PITA. Can’t wait till it’s over.  

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