Gearing Up

I’ve been awful about my food choices and working out since getting injured in February. I’ve gained all the weight I lost and then some. 

So it’s time to get my butt back on the right track. I’m starting another Whole 30 or perhaps longer on Monday. 

I’m going to get through this weekend and enjoy BBQ’s with friends and maybe have a few adult beverages, but come Monday I’m giving my body the reset I need. 

I’ll be jumping head first into the deep end so to speak on Monday with my diet, following the Whole 30 strictly.  As for the exercise portion of my reset that will be a bit more gradual as I’m not sure what I’ll be able to handle with the knee. I’m planning on doing 30 minutes of low intensity walking. Hello my friend Leslie Sansone, or better yet the beach across the street. Ahhhh yeah I think I’ll take a little stroll along the beach. Although, I’ll have to take that slow as the sand can be a bit much on the legs. 

It’s time though I need to get myself back on track and back to being the healthiest I can be. 

Happy 4th of July weekend enjoy and be safe. 


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