Whole 30 Round 2

Today I started my second round of Whole 30. I’ve done very little prep for it this time around unlike last time where I meticulously planned everything out. 

This morning I made a wonderful omelette with fresh pico and guacamole in it. I had a side of orange bell peppers to help scoop up all the goodness that fell out of the omelette. 

I didn’t eat lunch today which I know is a no-no, but my breakfast wasn’t eaten until nearly 11 am and then I had a ton of stuff going on today. I didn’t pack anything with me nor did I have anything compliant ready to go with me. It was okay I wasn’t hungry anyway. 

When it came to dinner time though I was ready to eat. I made a salad topped with chicken cilantro lime sausage and Tessamee’s southwest ranch dressing. 

This sausage was delicious, the brand is Bilinsky’s and they had several different types that were compliant. I only picked up this flavor, but will definitely be trying out others later on. 

Tessamee’s dressing, I’m not sure about it yet this was the first time I’ve tried it. I think I will stick to making my own dressings. Although, this was good in a pinch since I haven’t made any mayo, dressings, or sauces yet. 

I rounded out my meal with some fresh ground almond butter and strawberries. 

I’m trying to like coconut water but it’s just not working for me. I bought a things of coconut water and had a cup with dinner tonight but I still am not really crazy about it. I’ll finish the carton of it but it’s just really not my thing I guess. I’m going to try adding some muddled pineapple to my next glass of it and see if I enjoy it anymore. If not then I will know it’s time to give up on the whole coconut water thing. 

So I did amazing on the whole eating part of my Whole 30, however I did not get my 30 minute of planned exercise in as it poured this afternoon while I was babysitting. So it was a big no go for a walk around the neighborhood, instead it was an afternoon full of playing games. 

I am however, continuing to work on my house. Almost done with the kitchen which has been the Most obnoxious thing ever. 

Happy Monday. 


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