Crazy Busy Day

Today has been crazy. I’ve been going since 7:30 this morning. I got up made myself breakfast, packed myself a lunch, and headed out to do a full days worth of stuff. 

The morning started off with a haircut, followed by some pampering me time. My eyebrows were in serious need of attention, so those were taken care of, followed up by a mani/pedi. Because, well my nails needed some attention after all the moving and cleaning I’ve been doing. 

After my pampering session it was off to pick up some much needed organizational baskets for the bathroom. So that had me running around to different stores to get what I wanted and needed. 

Then it was off to work for 4 hours. Work was pretty uneventful, but by 3 when I arrived I was starving and promptly ate my lunch. 

I didn’t get home till nearly half past 7 and of course my dogs were acting like I had left them for months. I am happy to say that they didn’t escape the yard nor destroy anything so hey that’s a win. 

And, well now I’m enjoying some dinner and watching some AGT. 

Glad that even with the craziness of the day I was able to plan and stay on plan. Whoop making progress. 

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