This & That

I headed on over to the bike shop to pick up the husband’s bike only to find out that they lost the work ticket on it and have yet to work on it. Oops. It’s okay as he wont be around to ride it until the end of August anyway. 

However, I did score myself a helmet that was on sale and then with my membership got myself some more money off. So my helmet ended up costing $25. SCORE!!!!

After bike shop antics it was back home to work on draining the boat. Our boat has a cover on it, but with all of the rain we have been getting it caused a giant pool to form. There was well over 100 gallons of water sitting on top of the cover. My friend and I got out the shop vac and did a lot of vacuuming up water and dumping the vacuum tank.  

Of course the cover is ripped where the pole went through the cover and this is not the first time we’ve had to do this, so I went out and bought a big tarp. We are going to rig something up for this boat because we can not keep doing this, and besides the fact that the cover is ripped and not in the best of shape. 

Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting some exercise in as I have to go over to the house we were renting and mow the lawn. Prepping myself for allergic reaction now.

And, I did this today as well: 

Happy Sunday!!!


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