Chores Done

This week I’ve been working and so the household chores kind of fell by the wayside not to mention all of the errands that needed to be done. 

So today was catch up day. I dropped off a car load of items to GoodWill. Did the grocery shopping. Whooooo I have fresh fruit and veggies for another week. 

After that I came home started laundry, cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen, and then did the painstaking chore of cleaning up dog hair. It never ends in this house. I would have to sweep all day every day to keep up with it. It’s the end of July I don’t understand how they can be possibly shedding this much still. I mean I clean up enough hair every day to make a new dog. Seriously, the shedding can stop anytime. Next dog will be a non-shedding one. 

Of course the dog hair free floors was short lived. As in as soon as they came in I was cleaning up more dog hair. Oh well guess I’m getting some arm work in with all of the sweeping/dust mopping/vacuuming I am doing. 

Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day outside playing ball with those shedding beasts of mine and enjoying the sunshine. 

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