Check Out The Socks

Yeah our kickball team is sporting some awesome socks now. 

We kicked ass tonight and won our game even with losing some players to injury. 

It was a fun game the other team was a riot. I’m excited for our next game. And, actually it’s  a double header. Bring it on. 


Another Round

Today I embarked on another round of Whole 30, actually this time our group is making it a Whole 45, in an attempt to get ourselves ready for the upcoming gluttony that will be the holidays. 

I had 3 excellent meals today, and one of them was even take out. It was a Greek salad with grilled chicken. I left the feta off the salad and went for oil & vinegar instead of the typical Greek dressing. It was delicious and satisfying.

My husband is home and will be home the entire time I’m doing this round which is a first. During my first round he was home for the last 2 days, and the second round he wasn’t home for at all. He was a bit annoyed and was like what am I going to eat. I said well I’ll make something and you can either eat it or fend for yourself. 

Breakfast he ate at a friend’s house as he was brewing beer all day today, lunch was take out as we all hung out with the dogs brewing beer, and then for dinner was Cajun chicken, sautéed zucchini with Montreal seasoning and grapes. I had red grapes he had scuppernauts, that’s not spelt right but you get the idea. 

I’m happy to report he survived a Whole 30 meal without any incident. 

Schedule Change

The husband is back home, and he is seriously screwing with my schedule. 

I have a routine and well the husband is seriously messing it up. 

A sample day

  • I get up make the bed
  • Make breakfast
  • While eating breakfast I watch some TiVo 
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Shower
  • Do whatever needs to be done/go to work
  • At some point is lunch between 12-1
  • Clean up lunch
  • Do whatever needs to be done
  • Dinner around 6:30 unless I have kickball or a meeting in which case lunch is eaten a bit later to accommodate this
  • Clean up from dinner and do whatever needs to be done
  • Go to bed

The days since the husband came home

  • Get up 
  • Can’t make bed because he’s still in it
  • Make breakfast because I can not wait for him to get up to eat
  • Clean up breakfast make the husband some breakfast
  • Make bed and shower
  • Do what needs to be done and clean up after the husband 
  • Lunch is anywhere from 1-4
  • Do what needs to be done
  • Dinner apparently is going to be after 8pm every night because that’s the trend we are on. 

This late eating nonsense is going to end. The husband is going to be fending for himself because I’m not going to keep doing this. It makes me angry when I’m eating at weird hours. 

He needs to start adjusting to a normal mealtime schedule because I can’t do this all over eating thing we have going on. 

Anyone else get grumpy when their routine that they have gets completely rearranged and has no sign of returning to normal?

Allergy Struggle

Im allergic to a lot. Grass, pollen, mold, spider bites, bee stings, and apparently whatever little sucker got me outside this evening. 

Because, as you can see my foot has just become a sausage. 

The worst part is the actual bite is not that big, red, or swollen, but it itches like a mother trucker. 

Seriously, universe I’d like to enjoy my yard from time to time without risking the chance of allergic reaction. 

Kickin’ It Old School

It was a kickball night and it was amazing!!! Every week it’s just been getting better and better. I am having so much fun and definitely look forward to it. 

We played amazing tonight. We kicked a$$. We got lots of quick outs and worked well together. And, our offense was on FIRE tonight. 

Oh and let me brag a little I made it on base with an RBI or maybe it’s called a RKI. Either way I did it!!!! My second time up I got an out but advanced the runner to third so it was still a good thing. 

Seriously, people find a local kickball league and join its a blast.