Whole 30 Complete

I just finished my final meal of my Whole 30, and it was delicious and filling. I am so happy with the way this Whole 30 went. I found it easy to stick with the plan, and didn’t face any real cravings. Sure I would love an ice cream or some chocolate but it wasn’t anything that was unbearable. 

I believe that what made this Whole 30 easier than the first was the support from the Facebook group I was in. Everyone there was going theough the same thing I was and I posted a picture of everyone of my meals so that I was accountable for what I was doing and eating. I think that helped a ton and seeing others food choices gave me ideas for future meals. 

I have my plan all set for reintroduction and tomorrow is beans/legumes. I’m going to incorporate hummus tomorrow and see how my body responds to that. This will be followed up by 2 days of Whole 30 eating. 

I really think that I’ve gotten more out of this Whole 30 then I did my first. I’m really determined to continue this way of eating with occasional reintroduced foods thrown in. I know that I can do it and if I stray too far off the path then I’ll go back to the Whole 30 to get myself back on track. 

So I’m psyched I finished this round and am going to a very detailed reintroduction. 

Happy Tuesday all!!!

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