Today was Day 31, which means I jumped on the scale for the first time in 30 days. And, the scale did not disappoint. 21.2 pounds gone. Now to keep it off and lose some more. I’m only 2.8 pounds away from my first weight loss goal, so I’m pretty happy with my results. I’m so close to my first goal and am going to keep working my butt off so that I can get to where I want to be. 

Along with jumping on the scale I also started reintroduction. I reintroduced legumes in the form of hummus. I love hummus and it’s a nice filling snack I can pair with my veggies or put on my burgers or “sandwiches”. I don’t eat it all of the time but I definitely enjoy it from time to time. It is also on a lot of restaurants appetizer menu and when you can’t have gluten this is a go to for me. 

So, I’m hoping that legumes are agreeable with me. So far so good. We will see how I feel tomorrow. As tomorrow and Friday I will go back to strict Whole 30 to “cleanse” the body again and move on to my next reintroduction food. 

Here’s to a great Wednesday and an awesome Whole 30. 

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