Farmer’s Market

My neighborhood started a weekly Farmer’s Market this summer that they plan on habing year round. The vendors set up in the parking lot of a strip mall 2 blocks from my house, and today was the first day I went to check it out. I don’t know why I waited so long to check it out. I got there near the end where a lot of the vendors were packing up, however I was able to see some of what was there. 

A local farm to buy meat, and they also do CSA where they will deliver an order right to your house. Hello fresh eggs, chicken, and whatever the husband may want. 

A local farm was selling produce and it looked and smelled delicious. Next week I will definitely be buying some of my produce there. I’ll be sure to bring my canvas bags so I can get my goods home. 

I also signed up for a home delivery of fresh greens. Once a week they will deliver a box to you of whatever you’ve selected for your box. I’m getting mesculan, lettuce, and micro greens. Can’t wait and the best part is I won’t have to wait long as they deliver here on Monday. They have a designed cooler that you pay for with your first order they drop off your box in the cooler and then every week that you participate in the box you can pick and choose when you want to get the box and can change what types of greens you’re getting, you put your cooler out so that they can put your goods in it so that it stays cool until you get home. The best part is they are a greenhouse which means they will be doing this all year. Fresh greens all year long. Thank you!!!! They are really new as in 3 months in business but are hoping to expand to other vegetables over time. I hope so because I will be all over this. 

How about you any great finds at your local Farmer’s Market?


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