I reintroduced rice and I’m happy to say finally something I’ve reintroduce that hasn’t had negative effects. 

I had vegetable sushi rolls that were delicious and left me feeling fine. 

I also tried out a restaurant that’s near my house. It’s called Carib Shak, so as you can guess it’s a Caribbean food joint. I have to say it was delicious and I will be heading back there to eat once the husband gets home. 

I had the curry chicken with coconut milk rice, curried potatoes, and plantains. It was all delicious. 

The biggest deal about this is that I had a major NSV. Normally when I go out to eat I’ll eat everything. Even, when I’ve eaten way more than I should I still finish my plate. However, today I ate and once I felt full I stopped. I ate all of the chicken a quarter of the potatoes and a little more than a quarter of the rice. I did eat all of the plantains. 

I’m happy that I can continue to eat rice if I so choose because well the husband loves sushi and the only thing I eat are rolls. So, we can still go for sushi if we so choose. Also, when we have Mexican I love rice with my meal. Also, it is one of the few carb loaded foods my husband will eat as a side from time to time. 

So rice I can eat, I tried some new food, and found a new restaurant that is great and amazingly priced. Win win win day!

Oh and went to the farmer’s market and picked up some fresh produce. I’d say that’s another win!

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