Schedule Change

The husband is back home, and he is seriously screwing with my schedule. 

I have a routine and well the husband is seriously messing it up. 

A sample day

  • I get up make the bed
  • Make breakfast
  • While eating breakfast I watch some TiVo 
  • Clean up breakfast dishes
  • Shower
  • Do whatever needs to be done/go to work
  • At some point is lunch between 12-1
  • Clean up lunch
  • Do whatever needs to be done
  • Dinner around 6:30 unless I have kickball or a meeting in which case lunch is eaten a bit later to accommodate this
  • Clean up from dinner and do whatever needs to be done
  • Go to bed

The days since the husband came home

  • Get up 
  • Can’t make bed because he’s still in it
  • Make breakfast because I can not wait for him to get up to eat
  • Clean up breakfast make the husband some breakfast
  • Make bed and shower
  • Do what needs to be done and clean up after the husband 
  • Lunch is anywhere from 1-4
  • Do what needs to be done
  • Dinner apparently is going to be after 8pm every night because that’s the trend we are on. 

This late eating nonsense is going to end. The husband is going to be fending for himself because I’m not going to keep doing this. It makes me angry when I’m eating at weird hours. 

He needs to start adjusting to a normal mealtime schedule because I can’t do this all over eating thing we have going on. 

Anyone else get grumpy when their routine that they have gets completely rearranged and has no sign of returning to normal?


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