So Joaquin may or may not be making his way towards us this weekend. 

I live a block and a half from the ocean. So, the husband and I are doing a little prepping. 

We headed on over to the store and picked up cases of water because we can always use that. Along with the water we picked up some canned goods. Not a ton but a few things. We have a freezer full of meat so we will be eating that as it thaws if the power does go out. 

We have the generator and will be keeping on an eye on the track of the storm and if it looks like it’s coming this way we will go fill all of the gas cans and the vehicles so that we are ready and prepared for any loss of electricity. 

Tomorrow we will be getting the garage cleaned out so that we can get my car into it. As we have some big trees in our yard and by being in the garage hopefully we won’t sustain any damage although it could come down on the roof and collapse on my car so there really is no guarantee. 

We have insurance for a reason. 

Anyone else in possibly the path of Joaquin?


At last night’s game we had a player that bitched about not playing as many innings as others. Our team captain told us hours before the games that us girls would be playing 2 & 3 innings. Whatever game we played 2 innings in the next game we would play 3. It was needed because we were playing teams with big foots. 

And, then of course things changed when the team captain and another player had an emergency so things shifted a little. 

However, we had one player complain about how that wasn’t fair and cried, and pouted about.  Are you f*ing serious? I thought we were adults apparently we are not. 

So to appease this player I said whatever I’ll play only 2 innings in both games so you can play 3 innings in both games. 

But, I’m sorry when I come off the field from playing my 2 innings and your pouting because other players played 5 innings I want to smack you. Grow Up!!!

Yes, there was a girl actually 2 girls who played the entire game it’s because they know how to play the position that needs to be filled and if the other players were here they would of been subbing out with them. 

Some people just need to grow up and remember life isn’t fair. 

Double Header

It was another great night of kickball. We played 2 games and won both. Which now puts us in first place!!!!!

After lots of fun and hard work on the field we are now celebrating at the bar!!!

Our commissioner even bought all the teams2 pitchers of beer!!! Thanks Talbert

And Beer Ping is being played as we speak

Another great night of Kickball


It was Sunday a little drizzly and a lot humid out this morning. I slept in which was nice, being as it was the first time for that in quite some time. 

I got up and made the husband and I brunch. Bacon, eggs, sautéed zucchini, and banana fakecakes with real maple syrup. 

It was quite good. We enjoyed our breakfast out in our sunroom. This being the first time that it s been cool enough to enjoy it. I think we will be making use of the room for the next few weeks that he’s still home before heading back out. We also enjoyed our dinner out there. It’s a great addition to the house when the weather corporates and makes it so you can stand to be out there. 

The husband worked on cleaning up, sorting out, and organizing his garage. Since when we moved in we just threw everything in there and he left 2 days later. While he was doing that I tackled the laundry. The clothes are all done I still have linens and dog stuff to do but that will happen tomorrow. 

It’s been a pretty enjoyable Sunday and now it’s on to the crazy week ahead. Hope you’ve been able to enjoy your weekend. 


The weather here in my neck of the woods Virginia it has been raining cats and dogs.

It has been dreary and miserable the last two days and will continue through tomorrow. 

Well let’s just say the rainy weather is not very good for my motivation. As in my house is a mess, my laundry is overflowing, and I’m making a dent in my couch. 

I will say that I’ve put a serious dent in my book I’ve been reading. I also managed to get some studying for my class done. 4 chapters worth of terms and notes all typed up and ready to be printed out. 

I’ve been eating like crap the last couple of days and not exercising at all and being a complete couch potato. All really bad things. I need to get myself out of this funk and get myself moving. 

I really need to go back to my fitness classes however with my night classes and kickball league it makes it nearly impossible to attend them. 

Monday night we do have a double header so I’ll get some activity in then, and I’m thinking Wednesday I’ll hit up my zumba and yoga class. I’ll drag the hubby along with me, he’ll hit the gym doing some lifting and cardio while I attend classes. 

I definitely need to do something. 

I have plenty of workout programs I can do at home between BeachBody, The Pound, KettleWorx, Moov, Couch25K, Walk at Home, so really I have no excuse to not work out. I need to schedule it in my day again and just make it a part of my day again. 

It’s that whole getting started thing that’s the problem once I start I have no problem keeping at it its just that getting started thing. 

Ah motivation you are lacking again. Where are you my old friend?

Love It

So RX Bars are a favorite of mine for a quick pic me up. 

And, when you’re in class from 6-10:30 you need a pick me up. 

There is just the wrapper left. I devoured this thing. It’s a new flavor and I love it. I also got 2 more new flavors apple cinnamon and chocolate sea salt. And, well if they taste anywhere near as good as this pumpkin spice one I may have to hide them in the house, because I’ll eat them all. 

Definitely recommend checking these puppies out. RX bars are definitely a win. 

Kickin’ Night

Tonight was kickball night. And, well it was a heck of a game. 

We had to contend against the wind, missing some key players, players playing new positions, and some last minute changes to the lineup. 

We played a decent game but fell behind by 4 in the middle of the game. We were able to bring it within 2, but went into our final ups with the bottom of the lineup up to kick. 

However, we were able to make it work and scored both the toeing, it was me, and the leading run, which became the game winning run. 

We adjusted our defense for the bottom of the 5th playing with 2 chargers and playing some serious defense. We were able to get 3 quick outs and put another one in the win column. 

After the game it was off to the local watering hole for some drinks, food, laughs, and cheers. 

All About That Base is ready for next week’s double header.