I am not a huge peach fan. But, we ended up with 6 of them since our neighbors left town today. Not, that that makes a huge difference since I will be heading out of town tomorrow. But, anyway we took their fruits and veggies which will go with me to the Navy Football tailgate party. 

Okay, back to peaches and how I’m not a huge fan. I’ll eat them but they are definitely not my favorite fruit. I cut up some of the peaches and threw them in with a pineapple and grapes I cut up so sort of a fruit salad. My container wasn’t big enough to add all of the peaches. There were 2 left so I decided to grill them with tonight’s dinner. 

This was the first time I’ve ever had them grilled and I will say they were quite delicious. I’ll definitely be trying them again that way. 

Any ways you like peaches?


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