30 Gone

As of today I have lost 30 pounds since July 5th. I shouldn’t say lost because I sure the heck don’t want to find them again. But, either way they are gone and will stay gone. 

I was pretty happy to see a 3 pound loss this week as the last couple of weeks I was only losing 10ths of a pound. Don’t get me wrong a loss is a loss and I will gladly take it, but I like when it’s at least a whole pound. 

Another thing about losing 3 pounds this week is I was gone all Labor Day weekend and eating out. I am so proud of myself and the choices I made while eating out. I forgo things I would choose and not care about the calorie and nutrition content. Now I weigh my options and pick the best.  I think this eating whole and healthy is starting to stick with me. 

So, it goes to show that you can eat out and enjoy life and still lose weight as long as you think about what you’re eating and watch your portion sizes. I have definitely become way more aware of what I am eating and how it affects my body. 

Happy Tuesday!!!


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