Wasted Food

Yesterday morning I got up a bit earlier than I needed to, to throw together a roast for the husband for dinner. As, I was going to be at a meeting and not home till after 8 he was on his own for dinner. 

I cut up potatoes, threw in carrots, the roast and seasoned it all up. I threw it in the CrockPot and set it on low. It would cook all day and be ready to go when he got home from the squadron and was ready to eat. 

I came home from my meeting and he was just sitting down to eat. I made myself a quick dinner and then proceeded to go to bed as I was spent. 

I told him to clean up his stuff from dinner and push start on the dishwasher. And, not to forget to put the roast in the fridge before coming to bed. 

I got up this morning and well the dishwasher was done however sitting in the crockpot on the counter was the roast. Grrrrrr!!!! Are you kidding me? 

He was going to have leftovers for dinner as he won’t really care for what I’m making for dinner for me, but guess what. He’s going to learn to like eggplant tonight or starve one or the other. 

Happy Friday!


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