It was Sunday a little drizzly and a lot humid out this morning. I slept in which was nice, being as it was the first time for that in quite some time. 

I got up and made the husband and I brunch. Bacon, eggs, sautéed zucchini, and banana fakecakes with real maple syrup. 

It was quite good. We enjoyed our breakfast out in our sunroom. This being the first time that it s been cool enough to enjoy it. I think we will be making use of the room for the next few weeks that he’s still home before heading back out. We also enjoyed our dinner out there. It’s a great addition to the house when the weather corporates and makes it so you can stand to be out there. 

The husband worked on cleaning up, sorting out, and organizing his garage. Since when we moved in we just threw everything in there and he left 2 days later. While he was doing that I tackled the laundry. The clothes are all done I still have linens and dog stuff to do but that will happen tomorrow. 

It’s been a pretty enjoyable Sunday and now it’s on to the crazy week ahead. Hope you’ve been able to enjoy your weekend. 

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