At last night’s game we had a player that bitched about not playing as many innings as others. Our team captain told us hours before the games that us girls would be playing 2 & 3 innings. Whatever game we played 2 innings in the next game we would play 3. It was needed because we were playing teams with big foots. 

And, then of course things changed when the team captain and another player had an emergency so things shifted a little. 

However, we had one player complain about how that wasn’t fair and cried, and pouted about.  Are you f*ing serious? I thought we were adults apparently we are not. 

So to appease this player I said whatever I’ll play only 2 innings in both games so you can play 3 innings in both games. 

But, I’m sorry when I come off the field from playing my 2 innings and your pouting because other players played 5 innings I want to smack you. Grow Up!!!

Yes, there was a girl actually 2 girls who played the entire game it’s because they know how to play the position that needs to be filled and if the other players were here they would of been subbing out with them. 

Some people just need to grow up and remember life isn’t fair. 


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