So Joaquin may or may not be making his way towards us this weekend. 

I live a block and a half from the ocean. So, the husband and I are doing a little prepping. 

We headed on over to the store and picked up cases of water because we can always use that. Along with the water we picked up some canned goods. Not a ton but a few things. We have a freezer full of meat so we will be eating that as it thaws if the power does go out. 

We have the generator and will be keeping on an eye on the track of the storm and if it looks like it’s coming this way we will go fill all of the gas cans and the vehicles so that we are ready and prepared for any loss of electricity. 

Tomorrow we will be getting the garage cleaned out so that we can get my car into it. As we have some big trees in our yard and by being in the garage hopefully we won’t sustain any damage although it could come down on the roof and collapse on my car so there really is no guarantee. 

We have insurance for a reason. 

Anyone else in possibly the path of Joaquin?

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