How To Get Active

I’m trying to figure out ways to get some exercise in with a broken limb. 

I wanted to go back to yoga this upcoming week but it’s out now with the ankle issue I’m currently experiencing. 

I guess I could do all upper body stuff but I’m a cardio junkie and I’m seriously missing out on that right now. 

Oh and my new Moov Now came today and again can’t really use them for several more weeks. However, once I’ve tested them out I’ll be reviewing them and letting you all know how they are. I can honestly say I love the original Moov so I’m sure the new and improved version I’m sure I’ll love too. 

Wish It Was Faster

6 weeks is a really long time. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’m already over this whole broken ankle thing. 

I really am not enjoying this boot. And, in almost a 100% certain that if I was in a cast I would of cut the dang thing off by now. 

I will be going to see the doctor next week to get this ankle looked at again as I think that there is more going on with it then just the break. As all of the pain is on the opposite side of the break and being in the boot is making it worse. 

And, oh yeah 6 weeks is way too long. Why can’t we come up with something that instantly heals a broken bone I mean come on we’ve put people on the moon and shoot them into space we should be able to come up with something. 

I am however thinking about going back to yoga. I mean I can modify some stuff and I miss it and I was all ready to go back starting this coming week and now I’m broken. I think I can do some yoga. I’ll be thinking about it over the weekend. 

Knee Socks

I had purchased several, and by several I mean like 30 different pairs of knee socks for kickball.  All of them are fun patterns and characters. I have everything from stripes, hearts, sneakers, Wonder Woman, My Little Pony complete with wings, and even some Super Mario Bros. 

I didn’t really see me wearing them much after the season ends, but I’ve been sporting them everyday for more than a week now. As I’m wearing this ridiculous boot I’ve been wearing a new pair of knee socks every day. Might as well keep it fun and exciting while having to wear this big old boot. Plus getting use out of my knee socks is a plus, of course breaking my ankle was not really necessary for that. 

Happy Thursday one more day to get through.  

Sushi Please

Tonight we tried out our local sushi joint. The husband loves sushi I do vegetarian rolls. We both are happy it’s win-win. 

He had a plate full of raw fish, and I had a plate full of different vegetable rolls. I even tried a new one that I had never had before. I had to google it before I ordered because well I had no idea what it was. It was a kanpyo roll which is a sweet squash. It was really good and something I’d definitely get again. 

I also had Miso Soup as it is chilly out and nothing hits the spot to warm you up like a nice hot coup of soup. 

And, now it’s chips and salsa and a little Sunday night football. 

Happy Sunday. 

Did You Indulge?

It’s National Pasta Day!!!! Did you gorge yourself on all things pasta today? I mean it’s okay if you did it’s the National Day for this type of activity. 

I did not eat all things pasta today because of that pesky gluten thing but I did eat some really good Italian food tonight for dinner. 

Tomorrow it’ll be some serious clean eating especially since I’ve pretty much fallen off that wagon and with being laid up with the broken ankle I can’t afford to eat crap. 

Happy Saturday hope you’re having a great weekend. 

Ortho Visit

I met with my orthopedic for my ankle this morning. I saw him for all of 3 minutes I think. 

He had reviewed my x-rays and said yup definitely broken. Although, I was informed that the type of break I have is the kind you want if you’re going to have a break. 

I have a non-displaced fracture of the posterior maleolous on the lateral side. So no cast just the boot and I go back in 4 weeks for some new x-rays and see how it’s coming along. 

So yeah, I’ll be sporting some pretty fancy footwork on my right foot for a while. 

As for the left ankle he said we will look at that one after we get the broken one fixed. Okay, sounds good to me. 

And, now to figure out how to get some exercise in without killing my poor ankles anymore than they already are. The worse part is I was planning on going back to yoga in a few weeks after kickball ended. 

Oh and this whole breaking my ankle thing in the middle of kickball season SUCKS the BIG ONE!!!