Good Eats

It’s rainy here today. A perfect day to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a book. 

I found hazelnut almond milk creamer at the grocery store the other day! Which I’m super excited about it.  I used it today mixed with almond milk so pure cocoa powder and a smidge of honey to make myself a nice cup of cocoa. It was amazing. I am in love with this creamer. I’m hoping to see them come out with more flavors. The best part the ingredients are almonds hazelnuts and water. 

After enjoying my hot cocoa and book this morning it was time to think about lunch. I used leftover rice and chicken and made myself chicken rice soup which was so good that I couldn’t wait for it to cool and now have a completely burnt mouth but the soup was amazing. And, well my doggies love the fact that I made soup today as they will be getting the leftovers with their dinner tonight.

I love rainy days and warm comforting foods. 

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