Plan Ahead

  Here it is my meal plan for the month. Each number goes with a meal idea. Not strict as this is what I’m eating but this is the plan and allows me to go out with friends and still stick to the plan. 

I’m ready. I’ve got my omelette all planned out for tomorrow morning’s breakfast, along with my sandwich, and burger for dinner. 

I have a plan now let’s hope I can stick with it. 

Getting Ready

Today I sat down and wrote up a meal plan for the next 30 days.

Basically it’s type of categories and scheduled for days throughout the month. So I don’t have an exact set of meals as this is what I’m eating today. It’s more today I’ll have Italian, so maybe it’ll be zoodles with sauce and meatballs, or eggplant lasagna, or whatever floats my fancy in that genre of food. 

My categories are burgers because that’s an endless list of possibilities, Mexican, Italian, Soup, Comfort Food, chicken, and fish, for dinner. Lunch is sandwiches, salads, and leftovers. And, breakfast is made up of omelettes, eggs, pancakes, cereal, veggies and sausage, and chia pudding. So lots of things to choose form and a plan but not super strict. 

Each genera of food has a number and each day I’ve picked a number from breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that I know which days will be what types of food. So planned but not overly planned. It can be adjusted a bit of need be and also based on what is available at the farmers market and grocery store. 

Now I just need to make one for exercise. 

Now it’s time to watch the Oscars. 

Oh So Many Truths

I of course find all of these humorous and unfortunately so true for me. And, well I need to get out of this type of mindset. 

I did pick up this little magnetic calendar which I will be filling out this week.  

 I think scheduling everything both exercise and meal plans will get me back on track since I’ve been off track for so long. 

I’ll be posting a follow up picture with my plan for the next 30 days and hopefully that will help keep me accountable as well. 

Happy Friday all!!!

Playing Fetch Counts…Right?

I spent the day running errands and taking care of stuff. 

As for being active, well yeah that wasn’t really happening. 

Well does playing fetch with the dogs count? I mean I do have to wrestle the ball out of their mouths so that it can be thrown again. 

Ughhhhh!!!! I need to find the motivation to be active. 

I’m thinking about going to a local brewery on Sunday that is doing a yoga and brews class. I’ve gone before and really enjoyed it. And, well I’ve been missing yoga I need to start going balc to my daily classes. 

Tomorrow is another day of errands and work related stuff. I’m hoping that after this week I’ll be on a more defined schedule and will be able to get things done. 

Got to make the time for me and just do it. 

I Need To Get Back To This

I really need to remember this and start doing this again always. Not just down of the times.  Who cares if people look at me funny while I plug it all into my phone. I need to do it to keep track of what I’ve got going on and what I’m putting into my body. I do so much better when I keep track. 

I’m really going to focus on this over the week. Track track track. 

Truth But Not Good


However, when it comes time to wear actual pants and they no longer fit it’s not a good thing. 

I love a good pair of comfy yoga pants or sweats. And, well when you work from home you can get away with doing just that. Unfortunately, the problem with wearing the comfy pants and not real pants is they stretch. And, so when you’ve gained weight you don’t really notice, since the waistband expands. And, well real pants don’t do that. 

So I’ve now taken to putting on real pants instead of comfy clothes on the days when I’m at home working so that I can tell when my diet has gotten a bit out of control, and well who am I kidding my diet has been out of control for quite a while. 

So yeah your pants can’t get tight if you don’t wear any but you may be in for a huge shock when you need to wear pants. 

Don’t Bother

A few weeks ago I told you about trying out the app Noom Coach. Well here’s the down low on that. Don’t. Bother. So not worth it. 

I paid for the Pro version as it listed all of these benefits. And, I figured why not give it a try. Ha! What a waste. Logging food and exercise way easier on My Fitness Pal plus MFP links with your activity trackers. 

I thought I’d be getting coaching, not even close. The coaching I’ve got is little read me things that are horrible.

Today’s recommendation was to stop cooking with olive oil and replace it with canola oil. Uhmmm What? That’s a first. And, another recommendation was to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners they promote processed foods. 

Okay my eating habits of late aren’t all that great but I’m working on it. And, I know that artificial sweeteners and processed food is not the healthy way to go. 

So yeah I guess I’ve got coaching as in what not to do. 

I’ll be going back to MFP and not renewing my subscription with Noom. 

On a brighter note I completed day 2 of Daily Burn workout. It was pretty good however my knees can’t take kneeling. Need to work on getting my knee joints healthy. Ouch!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.