Need To Shut The Brain Off

Ughhhhh the last few nights I’ve been all ready to go to bed and than BOOM my brain won’t shut off. I lie awake for hours thinking about all of the things I need to do. I make lists in my head, and by lists I mean dozens of them, with sub lists. 

It’s absolutely maddening. I lay there and make my mental lists because the brain just won’t stop, and of course as I make a list I think of 20 more things that need to be done to complete items on the list. I’m not sure I should get up and just start busting things off the lists that I’m making in my head or try to go to sleep. 

It’s rather frustrating. It was well after 2 this morning before the brain shut off. Although, I have 100 to do items to do on 15 different lists. And, well at least I did manage to check some things off the various lists I created last night while I should of been sleeping. 

Ahhhhh off to check some more things off the lists and then it’s off to a meeting. 


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