I Did It

Today, I did it. I started in on making the changes I need to make to be a healthier me. I’ve been off the wagon way too long. 

I almost sabotaged myself, but pushed through and did it. The weather this morning was absolutely horrendous. The rain was coming down so hard that it was making quite the racket up against the house and windows. This of course did not make me want to get up and face the day. So, yeah I ended up getting a much later start than I had planned. 

Even so I made myself do the workout that was scheduled for today. It just means I have to do other things at a different time is all. 

I logged on to Daily Burn and did my first workout in a long time. It was a good workout, it got my heart rate up and most importantly it got me moving. It incorporated a lot of stretching with some karate, boxing, and kickboxing moves. It was low impact and had a ton of variations to make it the level you needed. I liked it and will see what tomorrow brings. 

Along with doing my workout I’ve logged all my food eaten and have stayed under my calorie goal for the day.

I’ve decided, well actually I’ve known this for a long time that by planning out my meals at least a day ahead of time makes it easier to eat within limits and stay healthy. I also made a to do list for the day of things I needed to get done and put workout as the first time on the list. I think I’ll be continuing this as I get great satisfaction of crossing items off the list and I see all that I need to complete for the day. I still have 2 small items left on the list but they will be done before going to sleep tonight. 

How’s your Tuesday treating you?


One response

  1. Love this! Congrats on making changes. You are absolutely right on the prepping part. Prepping/planning your meals is key to eating healthy.

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