Don’t Bother

A few weeks ago I told you about trying out the app Noom Coach. Well here’s the down low on that. Don’t. Bother. So not worth it. 

I paid for the Pro version as it listed all of these benefits. And, I figured why not give it a try. Ha! What a waste. Logging food and exercise way easier on My Fitness Pal plus MFP links with your activity trackers. 

I thought I’d be getting coaching, not even close. The coaching I’ve got is little read me things that are horrible.

Today’s recommendation was to stop cooking with olive oil and replace it with canola oil. Uhmmm What? That’s a first. And, another recommendation was to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners they promote processed foods. 

Okay my eating habits of late aren’t all that great but I’m working on it. And, I know that artificial sweeteners and processed food is not the healthy way to go. 

So yeah I guess I’ve got coaching as in what not to do. 

I’ll be going back to MFP and not renewing my subscription with Noom. 

On a brighter note I completed day 2 of Daily Burn workout. It was pretty good however my knees can’t take kneeling. Need to work on getting my knee joints healthy. Ouch!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. 


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