My one leg has been swelled up quite a bit for a while. So today was a day to work on that. 

I had a massage and hot stone massage done on my lower legs. And, well can we just say AHHHHHHHHH. 

It was great. They started with a massage working out all of the kinks so to speak. And, let’s just say it hurt so good. I could tell the complete difference in my legs between the swollen and not swollen one. When working on my good leg there was very few trigger points. On the leg with swelling oh my!!! I was definitely flinching and biting my knuckle a few times. 

This was followed up by hot stone massage and it was wonderful. I am hoping the massage will help get things moving and the swelling will go down. We shall see if this will help any. Doesn’t hurt to try. 

And, hey if it doesn’t help with the swelling it felt amazing and was very relaxing. So it was completely worth it. 

I’m thinking I need a back massage or maybe even a full body massage next. Hmmmm how to convince the husband of that. 

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