The Real Stuff

I received an unexpected gift today. My brother sent me a quart of real maple syrup.  

 You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind where you go out tap the trees, collect the sap, and then spend hours boiling it down to syrup. Yeah, that kind not the kind that comes in a bottle shaped like a lady. 

OMG I nearly passed out for excitement and anticipation. If I hadn’t been running off to a meeting when the package came I would of already dove into it. However, I was on my way out to a Junior League meeting so trying this delicious goodness had to wait. 

I can tell you this tomorrow morning I’ll be eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow. I’ll be enjoying every delicious drop of this goodness. And, then of course after that I’ll be guarding it with my life and using it sparingly as it only comes around once a year. 

Seriously, I will have to really like you, and I mean really like you to share this liquid gold with you. 

Yummmmm I can already taste it. 

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