Rx Bars and 310

I’m not a huge breakfast eater. It’s actually really hard for me to eat breakfast I actually have to actually think about eating it and then make myself do it. Crazy I know but it’s true. I know I really should eat something, but I’m not a morning person and adding that one extra bit to do in the morning makes me groan. 

However, I’ve been doing fairly well with eating breakfast. I’ve missed a few days here and there but for the most part I’ve been eating it. 

My 2 go to breakfasts are either a 310 shake or an Rx Bar. Both are super easy and portable. As in they can fly with me in the car. So, there is no need to get up any earlier to eat, as it goes with me. 

So, I’m not a huge fan of protein shakes. They always taste gross to me and just have a weird after taste and I can never add enough stuff to them to cover up the taste without adding a billion extra calories to the already large amount of calories in the powder. However, I’ve found one I actually like. And, even more surprising is I’ll even drink the chocolate flavored one. I love chocolate but HATE anything chocolate flavored. Chocolate cake, pudding, ice cream, and protein powders are all things I have no problem saying no to. However, 310’s chocolate isn’t too bad. Plus with only 90 calories I can add a whole lot of stuff and not have a 900 calorie meal. I mix the shakes with ice, almond milk, fruit, and sometimes nut butters and I have no problem drinking them and enjoying it. Now, I will admit I like the vanilla flavor better but it’s good to change it up every once in a while. I blend up the shake pour it into a cup or travel cup depending and I’m on my way. And, it definitely keeps me full until I’m ready for lunch, which is awesome. I don’t need a mid morning snack. 

The other breakfast of choice is Rx bars. I love them and they have expanded their line to include some new flavors that are absolutely delicious. The thing I love about Rx bars are the taste and the fact that the ingredients are all real food. There is nothing in them that isn’t whole real food. I love that. I buy a case off of Amazon and keep a stock of them. I always have one in my purse and one in my car for those times when I’m starving and there is no meal anytime soon in site. They are a great emergency food to have on hand. Also, I love these for traveling I take them with me whenever I travel. No need to worry about finding something gluten free and healthy that I can snack on when I bring these along. They pack around 12 grams of protein which always is a good thing for me and will work as a meal or as a snack to hold me off until I can get a meal in me. 

Thank you Rx bars and 310 for getting me into somewhat of a breakfast habit. 

Happy Saturday

Not Feeling It

I’m not feeling so motivated today which is not a good thing. 

I did get up and do my treadmill workout, and since yesterday I didn’t get my treadmill workout in, as the morning was altered by the husband deciding to run and add that in with my day and getting up at 5:45 I was asleep by 9 last night, I went up to the speed I was supposed to be at today. I made it through. Whoooo! Small victories. 

I need to do something else today and of course you guessed it it’s overcast and going to rain at anytime so the bike ride is out. Mother Nature has decided that riding my bike is just something that is not going to happen. 

Need to find some motivation to do some more activity. Along, with the motivation to clean this disaster I call my house. Ughhhh, where are the cleaning fairies when you need them?

Enough about exercise let’s talk food. I am in love with this life hack I guess so to speak that I discovered maybe less than a year ago, apparently I had been living under a rock or just not using my slow cooker to its fullest potential. Roasted chicken in the Crock Pot has made my life so much better. 

I was a vegetarian until about 2.5 years ago where I started eating poultry, fish, and even more recently some seafood as I was not getting anywhere near the protein I needed and my doctor basically told me my body was getting enough protein and/or metabolizing plant based proteins enough for me to be healthy. So I started slow and reintroduced animal proteins back in and definitely looked for organic and locally sourced when available. 

So anyway I eat a lot of chicken which is okay with me I love it and can make it so many different ways. However, the husband is a beef eater so he’d mutiny if all I served him was chicken. However, he does eat it at least once if not twice a week. 

So anyway sorry I started rambling let’s get back to roasted chicken in the Crock Pot. Yesterday, I made a lemon Rosemary roasted chicken in the Crock Pot. It’s amazing. Season up your chicken, throw it in the Crock Pot on low and leave it for the day. The perks of this

  • I don’t have to be around or pay attention to it
  • No need to baste it
  • I’m not heating up my house with the oven being on for hours 
  • I don’t have to be home for hours while it cooks
  • Cooks so moist and full of flavor

It was great, I used up leftover rice from a few nights ago and sautéed up zucchini to complete the meal. So, a wonderful meal that took all of 10 minutes to prepare, but if anyone were to look at it would think I had slaved over the meal for hours. Shhhhhh, it’s our little secret. 

So yeah, how I didn’t know about this idea until fairly recently is beyond me but now it’s one I use often. 

Here’s to a good Thursday and one more day to get through before the weekend starts. 


First I need to tell you about my dinner last night. It was AHHHHHHMAZING!!!! Yeah it was that good. 

So, all of my dinner was wonderful, but the shrimp I’m loving it and thinking about making it again this week. It’s Paleo coconut shrimp and let me tell you it was simply amazing. 

Things I like about this recipe 

  • Easy to make
  • Fast
  • And oh yeah tastes AWESOME

If you want to give the recipe a try click right here.  Seriously, click the link, you won’t be sorry. 

Along with the shrimp I had fresh green beans and a nice salad. It was a delicious dinner and there are leftovers. Can you guess what I’m having for lunch today. 

And, well dinner was followed up with this 

It is delicious although I’m wondering about the size of this thing. I mean it is HUGE I’m wondering if it’s radioactive or something I mean how else does one grow a strawberry that big. 

Okay, so now let’s talk about my goals for this week. 

Eat clean, healthy meals, and make the best food choices I can. 

Hit the treadmill 5 days this week and increase my speed by a tenth of a mile every day. 

Complete week 2 of Phase 1 of Metabolic Aftershock

Accept that there will be difficult times, but not let them define me. 

Monday: Workout 1 MA & 10 minutes on treadmill with increase speed & Kickball✔️

Tuesday: 20 minute bike ride or Wave & 10 minute treadmill with increase speed✔️

Wednesday: Workout 2 MA & 10 minute treadmill with increase speed✔️

Thursday: 20 minute bike or Pound workout & 10 minute treadmill with increased speed

Friday: Workout 3 of MA & 10 minute treadmill with increase speed ✔️

Saturday & Sunday: Have fun. ✔️

So here it is folks my goals and accountability for the week. It’s writer down and out here for the world to see so now I’ve got to do it. Thank you for taking part in this journey with me and for keeping me accountable. 

That Left A Mark

So, note to self. When cooking dinner don’t be distracted, because when I am I spill uncooked pasta all over the place and then proceed to burn myself when draining said pasta.   

 Luckily, I don’t think it’s going to be too bad. Maybe just a little blister in one spot. Well the aloe plants I have sitting in my kitchen windows are going to come in handy. 


The Real Stuff

I received an unexpected gift today. My brother sent me a quart of real maple syrup.  

 You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind where you go out tap the trees, collect the sap, and then spend hours boiling it down to syrup. Yeah, that kind not the kind that comes in a bottle shaped like a lady. 

OMG I nearly passed out for excitement and anticipation. If I hadn’t been running off to a meeting when the package came I would of already dove into it. However, I was on my way out to a Junior League meeting so trying this delicious goodness had to wait. 

I can tell you this tomorrow morning I’ll be eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow. I’ll be enjoying every delicious drop of this goodness. And, then of course after that I’ll be guarding it with my life and using it sparingly as it only comes around once a year. 

Seriously, I will have to really like you, and I mean really like you to share this liquid gold with you. 

Yummmmm I can already taste it. 

Plan Ahead

  Here it is my meal plan for the month. Each number goes with a meal idea. Not strict as this is what I’m eating but this is the plan and allows me to go out with friends and still stick to the plan. 

I’m ready. I’ve got my omelette all planned out for tomorrow morning’s breakfast, along with my sandwich, and burger for dinner. 

I have a plan now let’s hope I can stick with it. 

I Need To Get Back To This

I really need to remember this and start doing this again always. Not just down of the times.  Who cares if people look at me funny while I plug it all into my phone. I need to do it to keep track of what I’ve got going on and what I’m putting into my body. I do so much better when I keep track. 

I’m really going to focus on this over the week. Track track track. 


Tonight I made a pretty tasty dinner for the husband and I. 

Stuffed chicken with pesto, spinach, tomato, and fresh mozzarella. Caprese salad and a mixed green salad.  

 Along with making dinner I’ve been working on putting the office back together. The bookshelf is organized and looking nice. I have a shelf designated for travel and one for real estate. 

After the bookshelf was tackled it was on to organizing the desk and putting all of the office supplies away. It is coming right along. Now it’s time to take all of the stuff that had taken up residence in the office that doesn’t really belong there and find a home for it. 

We got some new shelving for the attached garage which will definitely be home to some of the stuff. I have tons of sensory and craft stuff from working in early childhood education and occasionally still do that stuff, plus it’s expensive so no need to replace it. 

We also have a ton of stuff that we need to keep but doesn’t need to be cluttering up the office so it’ll be moved elsewhere. 

I also have a ton of photography bags and multiple items of the same or near same thing that I’ll be going through and cutting down the amount of stuff we have. 

Tomorrow we are off to the office supply store to get some things we need to further organize the room and then a few days of decuttering away and I’ll have a real office that is usable. Finally!!!

So I’ve actually had a fairly productive Sunday. And the husband has as well as he’s been working on his new electric home brew system he’s building.  

So yeah we’ve been productive. No day of rest here. 

Happy Sunday. 

Oh Man

I ran to Whole Foods and Trader Joes today. I love living in an area where not only do we have both of these stores but they are across the street from each other. It makes shopping so easy. 

While at Trader Joes today I found these guys  

Say what!!!!

Gluten-free Joe Joes. Oh Trader Joes you slay me. 

I’m going to be completely honest here. They are anywhere nearly as tasty as the real deal but still pretty good. It’s actually a good thing that they aren’t as tasty as the real deal because I’d have eaten the whole box already. Luckily, I’ve been able to control myself. 

I love that more and more stores and restaurants are accommodating the needs of gluten-free people. It definitely makes eating out and grocery shopping a whole lot easier. 

I’ve been a big fan of the Whole Foods sandwich bread but today I picked up Trader Joes version and I can’t wait to compare the two to see which I like better. I’ll let you know after I’ve tried it a few times. 


It’s finally winter here well for today and maybe tomorrow. 

I’ve made myself some hot cocoa and almond butter chocolate bars. 

My hot cocoa recipe is an estimate but if you’d like to give it a whirl here’s the ingredients I use:

Almond milk -as much as you want to drink

Honey- about a tablespoon 

Pure Cocoa Powder -about 2 tablespoons or to your desired taste. 

Whisk over medium heat till combined and heated to desire temperature. 

I added some almond milk caramel pecan creamer to it tonight. It’s delicious. 

The almond butter chocolate bars are actually supposed to be peanut butter chocolate bars, but I don’t eat peanut butter so I subbed the almond butter in. 

The recipe is from My Whole Food Life. I love this blog and I follow them on Facebook. They have so many amazing recipes. This recipe was so easy to make and very tasty. I’ll be making these again. 

You can check out the recipe here.