Playing Fetch Counts…Right?

I spent the day running errands and taking care of stuff. 

As for being active, well yeah that wasn’t really happening. 

Well does playing fetch with the dogs count? I mean I do have to wrestle the ball out of their mouths so that it can be thrown again. 

Ughhhhh!!!! I need to find the motivation to be active. 

I’m thinking about going to a local brewery on Sunday that is doing a yoga and brews class. I’ve gone before and really enjoyed it. And, well I’ve been missing yoga I need to start going balc to my daily classes. 

Tomorrow is another day of errands and work related stuff. I’m hoping that after this week I’ll be on a more defined schedule and will be able to get things done. 

Got to make the time for me and just do it. 

I Need To Get Back To This

I really need to remember this and start doing this again always. Not just down of the times.  Who cares if people look at me funny while I plug it all into my phone. I need to do it to keep track of what I’ve got going on and what I’m putting into my body. I do so much better when I keep track. 

I’m really going to focus on this over the week. Track track track. 

Truth But Not Good


However, when it comes time to wear actual pants and they no longer fit it’s not a good thing. 

I love a good pair of comfy yoga pants or sweats. And, well when you work from home you can get away with doing just that. Unfortunately, the problem with wearing the comfy pants and not real pants is they stretch. And, so when you’ve gained weight you don’t really notice, since the waistband expands. And, well real pants don’t do that. 

So I’ve now taken to putting on real pants instead of comfy clothes on the days when I’m at home working so that I can tell when my diet has gotten a bit out of control, and well who am I kidding my diet has been out of control for quite a while. 

So yeah your pants can’t get tight if you don’t wear any but you may be in for a huge shock when you need to wear pants. 

Don’t Bother

A few weeks ago I told you about trying out the app Noom Coach. Well here’s the down low on that. Don’t. Bother. So not worth it. 

I paid for the Pro version as it listed all of these benefits. And, I figured why not give it a try. Ha! What a waste. Logging food and exercise way easier on My Fitness Pal plus MFP links with your activity trackers. 

I thought I’d be getting coaching, not even close. The coaching I’ve got is little read me things that are horrible.

Today’s recommendation was to stop cooking with olive oil and replace it with canola oil. Uhmmm What? That’s a first. And, another recommendation was to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners they promote processed foods. 

Okay my eating habits of late aren’t all that great but I’m working on it. And, I know that artificial sweeteners and processed food is not the healthy way to go. 

So yeah I guess I’ve got coaching as in what not to do. 

I’ll be going back to MFP and not renewing my subscription with Noom. 

On a brighter note I completed day 2 of Daily Burn workout. It was pretty good however my knees can’t take kneeling. Need to work on getting my knee joints healthy. Ouch!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. 

I Did It

Today, I did it. I started in on making the changes I need to make to be a healthier me. I’ve been off the wagon way too long. 

I almost sabotaged myself, but pushed through and did it. The weather this morning was absolutely horrendous. The rain was coming down so hard that it was making quite the racket up against the house and windows. This of course did not make me want to get up and face the day. So, yeah I ended up getting a much later start than I had planned. 

Even so I made myself do the workout that was scheduled for today. It just means I have to do other things at a different time is all. 

I logged on to Daily Burn and did my first workout in a long time. It was a good workout, it got my heart rate up and most importantly it got me moving. It incorporated a lot of stretching with some karate, boxing, and kickboxing moves. It was low impact and had a ton of variations to make it the level you needed. I liked it and will see what tomorrow brings. 

Along with doing my workout I’ve logged all my food eaten and have stayed under my calorie goal for the day.

I’ve decided, well actually I’ve known this for a long time that by planning out my meals at least a day ahead of time makes it easier to eat within limits and stay healthy. I also made a to do list for the day of things I needed to get done and put workout as the first time on the list. I think I’ll be continuing this as I get great satisfaction of crossing items off the list and I see all that I need to complete for the day. I still have 2 small items left on the list but they will be done before going to sleep tonight. 

How’s your Tuesday treating you?

I Took The Plunge

The husband left for work today, and I am making the commitment to myself to get myself back on track. 

I signed up for Noom Coach, which is a food tracker and exercise tracker, along with giving motivation and tips along the way. I also signed up for a free month of daily burn. So the next 30 days it is on. I’ll be working on myself. Getting back to making healthy food choices and putting exercise back into my life. 

I’ve downloaded the apps to all of my devices I have my trackers charging and have my meals planned for tomorrow. I’m ready to start back up on being the healthiest me I can be. 

The treadmill is all ready to go as well as countless video workouts and my subscription to daily burn. There is no excuse not to work out when I have endless workouts at my fingertips. 


Need To Shut The Brain Off

Ughhhhh the last few nights I’ve been all ready to go to bed and than BOOM my brain won’t shut off. I lie awake for hours thinking about all of the things I need to do. I make lists in my head, and by lists I mean dozens of them, with sub lists. 

It’s absolutely maddening. I lay there and make my mental lists because the brain just won’t stop, and of course as I make a list I think of 20 more things that need to be done to complete items on the list. I’m not sure I should get up and just start busting things off the lists that I’m making in my head or try to go to sleep. 

It’s rather frustrating. It was well after 2 this morning before the brain shut off. Although, I have 100 to do items to do on 15 different lists. And, well at least I did manage to check some things off the various lists I created last night while I should of been sleeping. 

Ahhhhh off to check some more things off the lists and then it’s off to a meeting. 

Whoa Busy

The last couple of days have been insanely busy around here. 

Work, life, and spending quality time with the husband has caused time to just disappear. 

I’ve got a lot of things checked off on my list and am moving forward every day in my businesses. 

With things starting to get into order and starting to run smoothly I’m hoping that I can get back on a gym schedule and a healthy lifestyle way of living again. I’ve been slacking hardcore lately and I need to get back on track. 

I’m putting together a planner basically of what I will be doing for exercise daily and making menus for eating. 

My exercise will be tame at first I need to work back up to where I was before. I’ll get there again it will just take some time and dedication. But, hey I have a cruise in December so I need to get myself in shape, well better shape than I am now. 

Ahhhh I thrive on scheduled life and chaos life is killing me. Time to get back to it. 

Donate If You Can

I’m a member of the local chapter of the Junior League. I’m actually a Provisional, which means it’s my first year and I’m learning about the league and getting acquainted with all that they do. 

Every year the Provisional class holds a blood drive, and today was the day. We had a goal of getting 90 units and we got that and blew right on by it. So awesome to see so many people come out and donate. 


This was only a few hours into the drive


Right now they are in urgent need of blood so if you can donate please do so. Save a life.