Got To Try Something

I’ve been off the wagon for so long that I’m finding it near impossible to get back on it. 

I was talking to a friend today and I think I might get myself a personal trainer for a bit. I need that person to basically kick my ass and make me do it. If I have someone pushing me to do it I will do it its that whole making myself go and do it that’s the problem. 

I love classes and will start going back to them as I think that will get me going again. And, as fun as classes are I know they aren’t going to completely do the job and I need to do some weight training. And, well I’m lazy when it comes to that stuff I need to get myself in shape and moving. And, well a little kick in the butt never hurt anyone. 

I’m also looking at joining a weight group. Basically as a way to keep myself accountable and checking in with others will be good for me. I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past but just don’t feel that it’s exactly conducive to real life as you’re calculating points. It’s much easier and real world for me to count calories.  The group I’m looking at joining is called TOPS and they don’t have a specific diet or exercise regimine to follow. They support them all and offer healthy recipe ideas, ideas on how to engage in activity, and change your lifestyle. I think that’s what I need and there are several meetings in the area and at different times so I should be able to get to one a week. Also it’s online so I can get some support that way. 

It’s time to get back on the wagon. And, I need the push and help. So why not take advantage of what I’ve found to help myself. 

Somewhat True

I mean who doesn’t feel this way from time to time. 

However, over the last 8+ weeks the scale has been pretty nice to me. Eating clean, eating healthy portion sizes, and getting some activity in is paying off. 

I have become a firm believer that you can not out exercise a bad diet. No matter how much you work out if you’re eating crap your body is not going to go through the changes you want. 

Happy Sunday all

30 Gone

As of today I have lost 30 pounds since July 5th. I shouldn’t say lost because I sure the heck don’t want to find them again. But, either way they are gone and will stay gone. 

I was pretty happy to see a 3 pound loss this week as the last couple of weeks I was only losing 10ths of a pound. Don’t get me wrong a loss is a loss and I will gladly take it, but I like when it’s at least a whole pound. 

Another thing about losing 3 pounds this week is I was gone all Labor Day weekend and eating out. I am so proud of myself and the choices I made while eating out. I forgo things I would choose and not care about the calorie and nutrition content. Now I weigh my options and pick the best.  I think this eating whole and healthy is starting to stick with me. 

So, it goes to show that you can eat out and enjoy life and still lose weight as long as you think about what you’re eating and watch your portion sizes. I have definitely become way more aware of what I am eating and how it affects my body. 

Happy Tuesday!!!

1st Goal 

It’s been a week since I finished my Whole 30 and I weighed myself today. After 30 days of Whole 30 I was a little over 2 pounds away from reaching my first weight loss goal. Today, I got on the scale and I lost another 3.5 pounds this week. Which, means I’ve reached my first goal WHOOOOOO!!!! I’m actually under my first goal already working towards my second goal. And, most importantly the way I am eating is definitely a big part to my weight loss. 

I haven’t been exercising nearly as much as I should I’ve just been eating my clean and healthy. I’ll have days where I do exercise or some sort of activity, but nowhere near the type of exercise I was doing before I hurt the knee. 

I am definitely sticking with this way of eating. It’s amazing how I feel. And, the results I’m seeing are a HUGE plus as well. There really is no need to eat processed food, it’s really not good for us. And, eating whole real unprocessed food isn’t hard at all. Yes, at times you may have to get creative when you’re eating out or be a bit high maintenance to get what you want but it’s totally worth it. 

Im enjoying this rainy morning excited about my progress and drinking a cup of Crio Brü. 

Today I’ll also be reintroducing dairy we shall see how that goes. 

Enjoy your Tuesday. 


Today I went shopping for a dress for a cocktail party I am attending next week. I was able to pick out a dress that was 2 sizes smaller than the one I needed just a month ago. 

Whole clean eating is definitely the way to go. 

I’m excited about the dress and the party. And, I really excited about the 2 sizes down. Here’s hoping by the end of the month I’ll be able to say I’m down another size or close to it. 

A Recipe & Reflection

First, I need to tell you about this recipe I found on Pinterest. My mind is absolutely blown by this. Who knew you could throw a whole chicken, yes a whole chicken in your CrockPot and roast it. When I’m telling you mind blown I mean mind blown. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there that knew this already, but I didn’t until recently and I think it will be the new way I’ll be making roasted chicken from now on. I mean come on, throw it in the CrockPot, turn it on, and walk away. No basting, no needing to stay home while its cooking, and now I can even have roasted chicken in the summer months when it’s hot and I don’t want to turn the oven on. Seriously, my mind is blown.
You can click right here, and get yourself the recipe. Super easy and fast, and let me tell you absolutely delicious. The chicken was very tasty the flavors were infused throughout the entire chicken, and the chicken was so juicy. I was concerned when I started the whole thing because I feared it would dry out as there was no liquid in the CrockPot. However, as it cooked their was liquid and it was maybe one of the juiciest chicken I’ve ever eaten.
I will definitely be using this recipe again, as well as changing up the spices and flavors. I’ll be experimenting with all different combinations for this. Love it.
Now, I’ve definitely come to the realization that I need to eat healthy all of the time because even little indulgences screw up my weight loss. Granted I’ve had several meals this week where I was indulging and also add in the fact that I’ve not been working out since the gyms have been closed due to the holidays, so that hasn’t helped either. However, I did my DietBet weigh-in today and I’ve gained 3.4 pounds in the last 5 days. Sure some of it may be from water because I did have salt, and some artificial sweeteners in the form of diet soda. Yeah, will not be drinking that again at a restaurant it’ll be water or unsweetened tea from now on.
So, this morning I packed up the banana bread and brownies and put them in the freezer in 2 serving size bags. I also put the leftover bonbons in the freezer because well they can be eaten frozen just fine. It is back to Whole 30 eating for80/20, or actually I’m trying more for 90/10. A small treat once or twice a week, shouldn’t be to bad but I need to be clean eating the rest of the time. I’ve seen what eating too much and not clean can do and how fast it can affect me so now I’m going to be sticking to the clean eating way of life. And, the food definitely makes me feel like crap. After dinner last night I really didn’t feel all that awesome. The food was good, I loved it, but my body didn’t really care for it much. I’ll be keeping this in mind from now on and making the best decisions I can, and choosing to eat as healthy as possible. Overindulging, won’t be happening much anymore.
So, yes I’ve made decisions and I’ve learned from things. This is a learning and a growing process and every day I’m learning and growing and making choices and decisions based on what I learn. Every day is a day closer to my goal even with a set back here and there.
Happy Sunday!

Hello 2015

It’s a new year, and I have a new outlook on my lifestyle, when it comes to food.
This is the year that I’ll make it stick, I’ve got the tools and determination. Plus, I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past month.
This year will be the year that I’ll reach my healthy weight or I should say be at my fittest and healthiest. Because, well the number on the scale is just that a number. It doesn’t define who I am or how strong I am or what I am capable of. I want to be healthy, and I know I’m on my way.
Of course the past 2 days I’ve not exactly been as healthy in my food choices as I could have been. Well, the choices were good it’s just I are more than I should of. We went out last night for dinner and not that I ate bad foods I just ate more than I have been. I ate maybe 500 calories more than I normally do, which is okay to do once in a while I know this, and so I’m not upset about it, but it is something that I need to be conscious of.
Today, we had a New Years party at the house and instead of making a plate for myself, which is what I should have done I grazed. Which, of course always leads to more eating than originally planned. I however, took accountability for what I ate and logged it all. I again ate about 500-600 calories more than normal which I know was to be expected. Again I’m not upset about it, I’m a little disappointed with myself for not making a plate, because I know if I had I would of eaten a lot less than I did, but it’s okay. Next time I will definitely be making a plate.
Tomorrow, I’ll be back on track with my meal plan and planned out meals. I fair much better when I have structure for my meals. This is something that I hope over time will be something that can get a little less structured but for now it’s what works for me and I’m okay with that. I need to stick with the tricks that work for me.
Last month I did the Whole 30 to motivate me, keep me on the right track, and start becoming healthier. The month of January I’m thinking I’ll be joining a Dietbet. If you don’t know what this is, it’s just that a bet where you put up real hard earned cash in which you bet you can do whatever the bet says. I’m looking at doing a 4 week bet in which I have to lose 4% of my body weight. The way the bet works is you put up the buy in amount in the bet I’m looking at doing its $30. You get sent a special weigh in word which you have to use when you submit your pictures. You submit 2 pictures a full length view of you on your scale and a close up of what the scale reads along with your weigh in word. Don’t worry no one sees these photos except the judges to make sure you’re not doing any funny business and trying to cheat. You take these pictures twice. Once at the initial weigh in/start of the bet and then again at the end of the game. Your photos and weigh ins are looked over and if you have reached the goal 4% lost in this case you win part of the pot. The pot is divided up among all of those who complete the bet. So, as long as you lose the amount required you will at least get your initial buy in money back. They have different length bets some last 6 months. I like the idea of a 4 week bet because it’s something to keep me motivated for the month, and the following month I can pick something else. I don’t want to become complacent or bored. I want to keep up the momentum I’ve gained this past month and continue it through for the next 12 months. You can check out Dietbet here.
What are you planning on doing this year to remain healthy?

Week 13 Recap

This week has been a productive week. The husband came home and I’ve still continued to eat within my meal plan, and do all of my planned exercise. I’ve had to adjust my workouts and times doing them a little this week, but it’s been an eye opener for me to know that even with the change in plan I still find a way to get it done.

I’m a little disappointed because this week I didn’t see a change on the scale, but I know that I’m losing inches so I’m becoming healthier and fitter even if the scale isn’t moving. I’m hoping that I can get the metabolism going this week and see a change in the scale next week. I am not going to let this discourage me that’s for sure. I like this new me that works out and has more energy. I may not always want to start the workout, but once I start I’m in it and glad that I’ve done it.

And, now for the stats:

  • 87,139 steps
  • 12,016 daily average steps – up 12% from last week!
  • 21,165 calories burned
  • 3,018 daily average calories burned
  • 38.28 miles
  • 5.29 daily average miles
  • 7 hours and 32 minutes of very active activity
  • 62 minutes daily average of active activity
  • 10,419 calorie deficit

Even though the number on the scale didn’t change my stats are looking pretty awesome, and I know that I’ve been working hard and will continue to do so.

Week 12 Recap

Since yesterday, I posted my 3 month Recap I decided today I’d give you my weekly stats.

  • 75,403 steps
  • 10,668 daily average steps
  • 19,392 calories burned
  • 2,809 daily average calories burned
  • 33.25 miles
  • 4.73 daily average miles
  • 8 hours 30 minutes very active
  • 71 minutes daily average very active
  • 9,655 calorie deficit
  • 1.2 pounds lost

Overall a pretty good week. I wish I has been a bit more motivated. I think it’s the weather that’s socked it to my motivation. I’ve been getting all of my workouts in and my 10,000 steps, but not much more than that. I’m just kind of happy to curl up on the couch and do nothing. Which, is not a good thing. I’m tired of the wind, cold, and snow. I’m hoping I can step it up this week, although, if today is any indication then I’m in for another unmotivated week.

Month 3 Recap

Holy Cow! I can’t believe that it’s been 3 months since I started on this journey. And, it’s true what they say, after doing something for 3 months it becomes a habit not something that needs to be thought about. Actually, when it comes to exercise I think I’ve been in the habit for a while.  I get antsy when I don’t do my workouts as soon as I get up. I’ve found that the days that I’m procrastinating with the working out part of my day I’m more irritable and just feeling BLAH. But, if I just work out as soon as I get up I’ve found that I have a lot more energy and I’m in a generally better mood. Ahhhhh, gotta love those endorphins they are for real.

Anyway in 3 months I’ve done a lot.

  • I walk at least 10,000 steps a day
  • I can run for 10 minutes straight, and am working towards a 10 minute mile.
  • I work out every day but Sunday, but even than I get 10,000 steps in at the least.
  • At the beginning of the month I create an exercise plan for the month. It gives me a visual set of my goals for the day.
Month 4 Workout Program

Month 4 Workout Program

With the start of month 4 I’ve added a bit more to each day. I am ready to challenge myself a bit more.

  • I make healthier food choices every day.
  • I record everything that I eat
  • I make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • I keep this blog to hold myself accountable, and also so I can look back and see my triumphs and struggles when I’m struggling.
  • I have an actual journal that I right down what I eat and how my workouts went that day.
  • I also keep track of my mood and energy level daily and compare how I’m feeling in certain situations.

I think the blogging and journaling is one of my best tools it makes me think about what’s going on with me and around me, as well as giving me time to think about my feelings at the time.

In 3 months I’ve seen my weight decrease and my body slim down.

  • I’ve lost 23 pounds over the last 12 weeks.
  • I’ve lost a total of 15.8 inches.
  • 4.3 inches lost from my waist
  • 3.5 inches from my hips
  • 3.5 inches from my thighs
  • 1.5 inches from my calves
  • Nearly an inch from my bicep
  • 2 inches from my chest
  • Half an inch from my neck
  • Half an inch from my forearm

My clothes are fitting better and I’m down a size as well.

Still have a long ways to go but the results of the hard work I’m doing is sure paying off, and I can see the results. Dedication and perserverance will make it all worth it in the end.

Here’s to Month 4 and the next 3 month group of my journey.