Sick of Salad

Being on the road with dietary restrictions sucks!!!

I am getting really tired of eating a salad with oil & vinegar for every meal. 

Today’s lunch restaurant I couldn’t even get protein to eat. So it was salad with oil & vinegar. 

Epic bars and RX bars to the rescue because I was starving to say the least. 

I can’t wait to be home again and cooking my own meals. 

I Need This

After today, I’m going to need this:

Between dealing with Walmart, yeah every time I go into that black hole I vow never to go back, yet somehow months later I find myself in their again. 

Ughhhhh I’m not sure I can think of another place that puts me into a rage and so quickly at that. 

I’m a bit mad right now that I joined this Whole 45 group although it’s probably a good thing I am or I’d be 3 sheets to the wind right now. 

Tomorrow is a new day and no trips to Walmart. Oh wait I may have to return stuff. I’ll worry about it tomorrow. 

Another Round

Today I embarked on another round of Whole 30, actually this time our group is making it a Whole 45, in an attempt to get ourselves ready for the upcoming gluttony that will be the holidays. 

I had 3 excellent meals today, and one of them was even take out. It was a Greek salad with grilled chicken. I left the feta off the salad and went for oil & vinegar instead of the typical Greek dressing. It was delicious and satisfying.

My husband is home and will be home the entire time I’m doing this round which is a first. During my first round he was home for the last 2 days, and the second round he wasn’t home for at all. He was a bit annoyed and was like what am I going to eat. I said well I’ll make something and you can either eat it or fend for yourself. 

Breakfast he ate at a friend’s house as he was brewing beer all day today, lunch was take out as we all hung out with the dogs brewing beer, and then for dinner was Cajun chicken, sautéed zucchini with Montreal seasoning and grapes. I had red grapes he had scuppernauts, that’s not spelt right but you get the idea. 

I’m happy to report he survived a Whole 30 meal without any incident. 

Well That’s A No

Yesterday was another reintroduction day. And, well it didn’t go well. Yesterday, I reintroduced dairy, and as I somewhat suspected it didn’t sit well with me. 

I had a total of 2 servings of dairy throughout the day and at first I thought I was okay, but that changed. I had a dollop of sour cream on a baked potato with my lunch, and I felt fine for quite a while. But, about 3 hours later I got the stomach cramping, bloat feel, and nausea. Ughhhhh!!!! I tried another serving at dinner by eating yogurt and that affected me within 30 minutes of eating it. Same feeling as with the sour cream and also what I experienced with the cheese I ate on Saturday. 

So, dairy is out for me. Well at least cow’s milk is. Which, sucks but is also good. I mean hello ice cream, fro-yo, and cheese are off the table. Oh and milk chocolate. Yikes!!!! I love all of those things. However, I do not love the way I felt and still am feeling today, and also let’s look at the dairy choices I love. I don’t really need to be eating any of those things. 

I will be try some goat cheese when I finish reintroducing everything else, so I’ll know if I can handle other sources of dairy other than cow’s milk. 

I’m both loving and hating this whole reintroduction thing. I love that I’m learning and discovering what my body can and can’t tolerate. However, I’m hating that pretty much anything I’ve reintroduced my body has said yeah don’t eat that. Oh well I’d rather feel good after eating than have stomach discomfort and just feeling like crap. 

Anyone out there find they can’t have cow’s milk but goat or sheep milk is tolerable. Because I’m not going to lie I’d like to have a bit of cheese every once in a while. 

1st Goal 

It’s been a week since I finished my Whole 30 and I weighed myself today. After 30 days of Whole 30 I was a little over 2 pounds away from reaching my first weight loss goal. Today, I got on the scale and I lost another 3.5 pounds this week. Which, means I’ve reached my first goal WHOOOOOO!!!! I’m actually under my first goal already working towards my second goal. And, most importantly the way I am eating is definitely a big part to my weight loss. 

I haven’t been exercising nearly as much as I should I’ve just been eating my clean and healthy. I’ll have days where I do exercise or some sort of activity, but nowhere near the type of exercise I was doing before I hurt the knee. 

I am definitely sticking with this way of eating. It’s amazing how I feel. And, the results I’m seeing are a HUGE plus as well. There really is no need to eat processed food, it’s really not good for us. And, eating whole real unprocessed food isn’t hard at all. Yes, at times you may have to get creative when you’re eating out or be a bit high maintenance to get what you want but it’s totally worth it. 

Im enjoying this rainy morning excited about my progress and drinking a cup of Crio Brü. 

Today I’ll also be reintroducing dairy we shall see how that goes. 

Enjoy your Tuesday. 


Yesterday I reintroduced cheese. It was not so successful 😁. Which, makes me a bit mad as I love cheese, but after eating a total of 2 ounces throughout the day my stomach felt pretty crummy. About a half hour after eating an ounce as I had an ounce at lunch and an ounce with dinner, my stomach started feeling like garbage. I had some pains and just plain discomfort.

I will be reintroducing dairy in Tuesday and see if I have the same type of reaction or something different. I have a feeling I may be a bit lactose intolerant and I’ll definitely know after Tuesday. 

I plan on trying goat cheese after I finish reintroduction of all of the other foods I had originally planned on and see how I feel with that. 

I know it’s not a completely horrible thing that I can’t really tolerate cheese as its really not all that great for me to eat anyway. On occasion is fine, but I can sit down and eat a lot of cheese without much thought to it. Which is very very bad. 

I’m really happy with myself and the way I’m doing this reintroduction because I am definitely learning things about my body and what it does and doesn’t like. And, as much as I love cheese I really didn’t care for how my stomach felt at all. So really it wasn’t worth it. And, like I said I’ll try some other forms of cheese and see how I do with that. It may be just a cows milk issue. 

Happy Sunday. 

Good Day

Today was a filled day. I had to dog walk, run some errands, and make a stop at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. 

I picked up more almond butter, which let me tell you I love fresh ground almond butter it’s so good. I eat it with fruit and celery. I make sure not to eat it every day because well a girl could seriously get addicted to that stuff. Along with the almond butter it was time to purchase more honey as now that I’ve finished my Whole 30 I will be introducing foods again and I will be using honey and maple syrup as my primary sweeteners when I do make sweet treats. Which of course will not be very often as sweets are my downfall. The other item I stocked up on at Whole Foods are Bilinski’s chicken sausages. OMG I can’t even begin to tell you how good they are. I eat them occasionally for breakfast, lunch, dinner, any meal they are perfect. They are completely Whole 30 compliant, well some of the flavors are others aren’t. So, when I saw them in the case again I stocked up. I have other chicken sausages that are great but have added items that aren’t allowed on the Whole 30, so when I’m doing Whole 30 or a Whole 7 or with this reintroduction phase 2 days on 1 day of reintroduction I need compliant sausage. So I scooped up a bunch and now I have a stocked freezer, along with other chicken and turkey sausages that aren’t compliant as in they have some added sugar and or cheese. 

After Whole Foods I ran into Trader Joes and picked up some unsweetened shredded coconut, turkey burgers which were on sale and so again I stocked up. I also picked up another package of their chicken chili lime burgers, which are the BOMB!!!

I love eating this way. I definitely think that I’m in a much better mindset than after my first round and am definitely determined to keep eating this way. 

Tomorrow I’ll be trying cheese, here’s hoping its a go as I love cheese. So hmmmm maybe it’s better if its not that great for me. 

Happy Friday!


Today was Day 31, which means I jumped on the scale for the first time in 30 days. And, the scale did not disappoint. 21.2 pounds gone. Now to keep it off and lose some more. I’m only 2.8 pounds away from my first weight loss goal, so I’m pretty happy with my results. I’m so close to my first goal and am going to keep working my butt off so that I can get to where I want to be. 

Along with jumping on the scale I also started reintroduction. I reintroduced legumes in the form of hummus. I love hummus and it’s a nice filling snack I can pair with my veggies or put on my burgers or “sandwiches”. I don’t eat it all of the time but I definitely enjoy it from time to time. It is also on a lot of restaurants appetizer menu and when you can’t have gluten this is a go to for me. 

So, I’m hoping that legumes are agreeable with me. So far so good. We will see how I feel tomorrow. As tomorrow and Friday I will go back to strict Whole 30 to “cleanse” the body again and move on to my next reintroduction food. 

Here’s to a great Wednesday and an awesome Whole 30. 

Sunday = Chore Day

So, I’ve fallen into a routine where Sunday has become my household chore day. I mean there are things I do every day such as dishes, dust mop the floors, and laundry a couple times a week, but Sunday is the day I do the real chores. 

Bathrooms get cleaned, kitchen is scrubbed, dog pool gets a cleaning, beds stripped, linens washed, dusting, floors vacuumed and mopped. Of course with this cleaning comes the problem of sequestering the dogs so that I can get the job done. Today, I left the dogs out while I cleaned and mopped the floors. I had to do this at some speed as it is quite warm out and I try not to keep them out for too long of a period when it’s this hot and humid. Even though they have a pool and can get into the sunroom with the fans going they for some reason choose to lay out by the gate. 

Anyway, got the house clean and all

Of the floors for the most part were dry, I let the dogs in and wouldn’t you know it of course they would choose that moment to play in their pool. Muddy dog prints all over. Oh well the house was clean for a minute or two. 

Along with doing the household chores I run and do the grocery shopping. I go right after breakfast and the place is usually dead which works for me as I’m able to get in, get what I need, and out within 30-45 minutes. 

Of course I have a feeling once the husband comes home this whole routine I have going will be thrown completely to the wind. 

Perhaps he most important thing I didn today was sit down and plan out my reintroduction schedule that is just a few days away. 

I originally planned on starting with cheese because well I love cheese, but I also know it’s one of those food items I need to be mindful of because I can eat a lot of it and well that’s not a great choice, and also I’m interested to test out different forms of dairy and have it affects me. 

However, I’m starting with beans/legumes first as the first day of reintroduction falls on a day that I have a Junior League event. We usually have appetizers at the events and after looking at the menu the only thing on the appetizer menu that I can potentially eat is hummus since everything else contains gluten. So, I’ll be reintroducing beans/legumes first, so that I can enjoy a little appetizer at the event. 

The way I have my reintroduction planned out it will be completely finished on my birthday, which is great because I’ll know what foods are okay for me to eat, what my foods with no breaks are, I’ll be able to enjoy my birthday dinner out with friends and not have to worry about not eating this, eating that, or whatever I’ll know exactly what I can have, and the best part the husband gets home from his rotation on my birthday as well. So, it’s going to be a great day. 

The way I’m going to work reintroduction is to have a serving or two of the a particular food that I’ve not eaten over the last 30 days. This will be followed by 2 days of Whole 30 eating, and then move onto the next food. Basically, giving myself time to really consider and feel how my body responds to the different foods. 

I’m really interested in seeing what foods I’ve eliminated will be tolerable and intolerable to me. I can say I definitely feel so much better eating this way and need to continue on this path. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend.