Eating On The Road

Today was spent in the car and then staying in a hotel which means no home cooking for this girl. 

I ate breakfast in the car. Not the best place to do such an activity but hey we do what we have too. I made up a couple of containers of nuts and seeds for this weekend knowing that I’d be traveling.  

Yes that is actually a baby formula stackable container. I used to put my protein powder in them when I was drinking those things. Worked great my nuts and seed mix as well. 

We stopped at Ruby Tuesday for lunch where I had the salad bar with some vinegar on my salad and then got a turkey burger with no bun and some grilled zucchini. I was a bit miffed at the husband as I told him to order me a club soda and when I sat down to take a sip I nearly spit it across the room. As he ordered a tonic water for me. Gross!!!! Too sweet and full of sugar. He tells me they are the same thing. Uhmmmm no not even close. Grrrrrr!!!! Listen for once in your life. 

Once we made it to Aanapolis and did some driving around we went to dinner at a brewery. There was nothing and I mean nothing I could eat. I ordered a Caesar salad without croutons, cheese, and dressing. So yeah I had a bowl of romaine lettuce with some grilled chicken on top.  


Looked good but it sucked. Oh and cost more than my husband’s dinner and appetizer. Awesome. 

I came back to the hotel and ate an RX Bar as I was still pretty hungry. 

We are tailgating before and after the Navy Football game tomorrow so I know there will be food I can eat as I’m bringing stuff I can eat. 

Go Navy!!!


I reintroduced rice and I’m happy to say finally something I’ve reintroduce that hasn’t had negative effects. 

I had vegetable sushi rolls that were delicious and left me feeling fine. 

I also tried out a restaurant that’s near my house. It’s called Carib Shak, so as you can guess it’s a Caribbean food joint. I have to say it was delicious and I will be heading back there to eat once the husband gets home. 

I had the curry chicken with coconut milk rice, curried potatoes, and plantains. It was all delicious. 

The biggest deal about this is that I had a major NSV. Normally when I go out to eat I’ll eat everything. Even, when I’ve eaten way more than I should I still finish my plate. However, today I ate and once I felt full I stopped. I ate all of the chicken a quarter of the potatoes and a little more than a quarter of the rice. I did eat all of the plantains. 

I’m happy that I can continue to eat rice if I so choose because well the husband loves sushi and the only thing I eat are rolls. So, we can still go for sushi if we so choose. Also, when we have Mexican I love rice with my meal. Also, it is one of the few carb loaded foods my husband will eat as a side from time to time. 

So rice I can eat, I tried some new food, and found a new restaurant that is great and amazingly priced. Win win win day!

Oh and went to the farmer’s market and picked up some fresh produce. I’d say that’s another win!

Whole 30 Complete

I just finished my final meal of my Whole 30, and it was delicious and filling. I am so happy with the way this Whole 30 went. I found it easy to stick with the plan, and didn’t face any real cravings. Sure I would love an ice cream or some chocolate but it wasn’t anything that was unbearable. 

I believe that what made this Whole 30 easier than the first was the support from the Facebook group I was in. Everyone there was going theough the same thing I was and I posted a picture of everyone of my meals so that I was accountable for what I was doing and eating. I think that helped a ton and seeing others food choices gave me ideas for future meals. 

I have my plan all set for reintroduction and tomorrow is beans/legumes. I’m going to incorporate hummus tomorrow and see how my body responds to that. This will be followed up by 2 days of Whole 30 eating. 

I really think that I’ve gotten more out of this Whole 30 then I did my first. I’m really determined to continue this way of eating with occasional reintroduced foods thrown in. I know that I can do it and if I stray too far off the path then I’ll go back to the Whole 30 to get myself back on track. 

So I’m psyched I finished this round and am going to a very detailed reintroduction. 

Happy Tuesday all!!!

NSV Tonight!!!!

I’m extremely proud and happy with myself tonight. I had a great Non-Scale Victory tonight. I went out for dinner with friends tonight at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, and stayed completely compliant. 

Now, normally when I eat at a Mexican restaurant it’s a complete gorge fest. I eat way too much and leave feeling overstuffed and feeling sick. I will chow down on the chips, salsa, and queso like there is no tomorrow. And, then I follow all of that nonsense up with enchiladas. Yeah, it doesn’t get much more unhealthy than that. 

However, tonight I said I only have 3 more days left and I can, I have, and I will complete this Whole 30. So, I passed on the chips and queso and the enchiladas that I love so much. Instead I ordered grilled chicken fajitas with grilled veggies with pico and guac. Oh and had my fajitas in lettuce wraps. Guess what it was delicious and filling. And, well the best part is I consumed probably at least a third of the calories I’d normally consume and I have no feelings of guilt nor do I feel like I’m ready to explode. 

Now don’t get me wrong would I love to have an enchilada you bet I would but I think from now on I’ll be making a choice between the enchilada and the chips and queso. Also I’ll have a single enchilada instead of a huge platter of them. I mean really no one needs to eat that much food at once anyway. 

This was my dinner and it was so satisfying I’m definitely full and feeling really awesome about my choices and not going for the indulgence. 

And, another win I found that I really like there fajitas. I’ve never gotten them before because I always get enchiladas. I will definitely be making this choice again and won’t be regretting it. 

Three days left and then it’s the reintroduction phase so I am carefully planning that out and figuring out what foods I’ll be reintroducing which I plan on skipping all together and on what days I’ll be reintroducing said foods. I’m taking this seriously and really think that this time I’m going to make this healthy food choices and lifestyle stick. I’ve got a plan already to go for those occasions when I slip up and I know that they will happen from time to time, but having a plan already in place is definitely key to get me back on track as quickly as possible so that it’s not a complete free fall into a downward spiral. I am going to succeed. 

Let’s Talk Food

As I’m getting ready to wrap up this round of Whole 30, only 5 days left, I’ve found some amazing new food items and recipes. My first round was in the winter so I was cooking in the house a lot using the oven to bake and roast things. Where as it being the heart of the summer the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven, and let’s not even mention that my oven is tiny, as in I refer to it as the Easy-Bake-Oven. So, with this I’ve been relying a lot on the grill and if it’s raining the trusty grill pan. 

I don’t eat red meat so I’ve been eating lots of chicken and turkey. With this I’ve been doing all sorts of different seasonings with it and adding it to different things. I’ve been throwing leftovers into the frying pan in the morning and eating it as part of my breakfast or throwing it on top of my salad for lunch or dinner. 

I’ve been eating zoodles like crazy. I love them!!!! I’ve done them with a tomato sauce, an avocado pesto sauce that was to die for, and was amazing both warm and cold, and even a cauliflower Alfredo sauce. I’ll link the recipes for both at the end. 

With these new recipes I’ve been trying I found that I needed to try some new ingredients that I hadn’t before. To make the pesto I needed nutritional yeast. I had no idea what it was or even where to find it. Whole Foods to the rescue. As you’ll see if you check out the cauliflower Alfredo recipe it calls for Parmesan cheese however, that’s a no go on the Whole 30 so I substituted the nutritional yeast for the Parmesan. Would I much rather have Parmesan cheese you bet but it was still tasty with this substitution, absolutely. 

Along with nutritional yeast I discovered some new chicken sausages. Aidells has always been a go to for sausage when on Whole 30 as their chicken Apple sausages are compliant. I haven’t been able to find them recently here so I was a bit bummed.  

There must be a whole lot of Whole 30ers out there buying up the supply. 

However, I have found a brand that I love even more. And, not only that but they have several flavors that are compliant. And, when I say they are delicious I mean they are delicious. I could eat them every day I don’t but I could. The brand is Bilinski’s and I’ve found them at Whole Foods.  

I’ve tried 3 flavors so far that are compliant and am in love with them. I’ve tried the:

  • cilantro lime = to die for
  • Mild Italian = was wonderful in sausage peppers and onion
  • Sweet Apple = delicious and perfect for anytime including breakfast 

There are several other flavors that I can’t wait to try after I go through reintroduction as some have added sugar, wine, or cheese. So after seeing how certain foods affect me I’ll be trying other flavors.

I am definitely going to be very mindful of what I’m eating after I complete this Whole 30 and reintroduction phase and not go crazy like I did after the last time I did this. I know for a fact sugar is a trigger food for me one that comes with no brakes and I need to stay away from it. A little here and there, as in measured out and a once in a while thing I think will be able to handle. Of course if I see myself getting out of control I’ll put myself back on the Whole 30 plan again, or well a Whole 7 to get myself back on track. And, of course I also know that junk food is a no breaks type of food for me, chips, dips, French fries, and the like. Again once in a while at a party/BBQ once in a while I think I can handle but they will not be in the house as I’ll just grab them and eat the whole bag. 

I’m glad I know this about myself and am making a concious decision to stay away/limit these items from my life. I haven’t missed them in the last 25 days so I know I can live without them. 

I am interested to see how some of the other foods I’ll try reintroducing will affect me and what if anything else I need to cut out of my diet, not because they are no brakes type food, but simply because my body just doesn’t care for them. I have 6, well 5, foodtypes that I’ll be reintroducing. I’ve decided to split up cheese from dairy to see if I can handle cheese but not dairy, vice versa, or neither. Rice, beans, corn, and gluten-free grains will be the other foods I’ll be reintroducing. 

I’ve also planned this Whole 30 perfectly as my reintroduction phase will take about 2.5 weeks, and will be done with that part of the Whole 30 on the 22nd of August. My birthday is the 26th as well as the day my husband comes home!!! So I’ll be able to celebrate both occasions and know what foods I can enjoy without negative effects on my body. 

I’m definitely taking control of my life and health and will be sticking to these eating habits this time. I know that I’ll fall off the wagon from time to time because well I’m human and some days I’m going to succumb to temptations of bad food choices, because some days I may just need some chocolate or ice cream or cake or chips or what have you and convienence of a packaged meal, but when I do I’ll brush myself off and do a Whole 7 to get myself back on track. 

Here’s the recipes if you’re interested in trying them:

But, I’m off to enjoy the nice day and wishing you all a wonderful day. 

Holy Crap More Than Half Way

As I’ve mentioned before I’m doing another round of Whole 30 and WOW! This one is flying by. 

Yesterday, was day 15 which makes today day 16. I’m on the downward slope already. It’s crazy. It seems this round is flying by. I haven’t had any insane cravings which is awesome. I’m not starving that’s for sure, I’m finding that finishing my meals is sometimes difficult. It’s amazing how eating real whole unprocessed food can make you feel.

I’m not missing the junk that I was eating. Okay, it has been pretty ridiculously hot here and well some ice cream would be nice, however I’m beginning to wonder if I may have a bit of lactose intolerance. I will definitely be testing dairy with my reintroduction phase. But, I do like coconut milk ice cream so if dairy is a huge issue there is a substitute, and well ice cream shouldn’t be something I consume that often anyway. 

I am well aware of what my trigger/food with no breaks are and will be trying to stay away from them as much as possible. I know that once I have a taste I can’t stop and that is not a good thing. My triggers are junk food especially sugar. On occasion will be okay but it’s something I won’t be having every day because I know the downward spiral it leads to. 

I think a big part of the reason why this whole 30 is going as smoothly as it is, is because I joined a Facebook group where we all started on the same day and are sharing pictures of our foods and supporting each other through it. Support is definitely important in any journey that you are on, and it has helped tremendously.

Now that the house is finally done I need to start exercising more.

I was finally able to order Cize and it should be here by next week. I of course had to go through Team BeachBody to get it as its not released on BeachBody for apparently a few more weeks. Which I of course think is ridiculous. But, whatever I’ll be ignoring the “coach” they’ve given me. Uhmmmm no thanks I don’t want your emails, challenges, and whatever you’re trying to sell. But, hey I’m going to be able to Cize!!!! Can’t wait. 

What A Day

Today, as been a busy day. I finally have a completed room in this house of ours. Only took a month. And, well it’s not completely done as there are some home decor/decorating I need to do to a wall, and the new furniture that will be going in, but for now the room is done, unpacked, and clean. 

And, today marks Day 7 of my second Whole 30, and I am pleased to report its going really well. 

So, I’ve completed a week of eating healthy, whole, real food so now tomorrow I need to start adding in 30 minutes of exercise. I need to be healthy all around. And, well now that the living room is complete I have space to work out at home. 

I’m thinking I’m going to start the new Pound series I got. Test it out with the knee since I know T25 is going to be a bit too much for me. I’ll try the Pound workout and see how it goes tomorrow if it’s too much I’ll pick something else to try the next day. 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.  

Getting This Eating Under Control

Today is Day 5 of my Whole 30 and I can say I definitely am feeling some changes. My skin was clearing up but I got my monthly visitor so I’ve had a few bits of acne pop up. My joints aren’t feeling as swollen, which is nice because my knees have been bothering me a lot. I’m still feeling tired and having difficulty falling asleep, but I think the whole falling asleep thing is just because my mind is racing with all of the things I need to get done in this house. I need to learn to shut the brain off. The biggest change is I’m not hungry nor am I snacking between meals. I need to remember this that eating whole real good food results in me eating way less then when I eat crap food. 

It’s hot here in VA so basically all of my cooking has been done on the grill as I want nothing to do with starting my oven. The house is hot enough without the added heat from the oven. 

Today I tried out 2 new recipes. I made a watermelon cucumber mint salad to go with my lunch, and it was delicious. It is definitely going to be a go to summer salad for me. The second was balsamic lemon Rosemary grilled chicken. Holy cow it is awesome. So tasty lots of flavor. Another way I will be making grilled chicken. I have a new chicken burger recipe planned for dinner tomorrow night which I’m super excited about. 

Seriously, if you think it’s hard to eat clean it’s not. There are so many amazing recipes out there and a lot of them are easy and not very time consuming. 

I mean the salad I made it was 5 minutes of prep work and the chicken was like 2 minutes of prep work. I did have to do the prep a bit in advance as the chicken needed to marinate and you want the flavors to meld together, but overall time you have to put into it not much at all. 

Now, does the chicken take longer to cook then say running through the drive thru yes absolutely but at least you know what you are getting when you cook it at home. 

And, I’m enjoying watermelon lime infused water. 

Here and here are the recipes I used for today’s yumminess. 
Enjoy your weekend. 

Crio Bru

Have you heard of Crio Bru? I hadn’t until recently. It’s pure 100% ground cocoa beans. The claims are that its antioxidant rich, cholesterol free, gluten and sugar free, fat and sodium free, increase energy, and reduce hunger. 

  • It is supposed to help boost your immune system with antioxidants. 
  • Increases energy naturally with theobromine (not caffeine). 
  • Curb your appetite and lose weight
  • Support your heart, brain, and bones with magnesium. 
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels with chromium and zinc. 
  • Healthy and safe for kids. 
  • Gluten free.

This information was taken from the package. 

I am a hot chocolate drinker but most of the stuff out there is garbage. This is supposed to be a truly dark chocolate experience. It’s not sweetened, but you can add sweetener to it. I will not be doing that for the next 26 days as no sweeteners are to be had while on the Whole 30. 

You brew your Crio Bru the same way you’d brew traditional coffee. They say using a French Press is the best way to go. As I’m not a coffee drinker at all I did not own a coffee maker or a French Press. I now of course own a French Press as I bought it at the same time as the Crio Bru. 

I am so not a coffee drinker or knowledgeable of coffee preparation so I had to watch some videos on how to use my new French Press. I watched a video on how to brew it from Crio Bru’s website as well and am all ready to try out this product. 

Just like coffee you can get different varieties of Crio Bru based on where the beans are grown. I bought the Cavalla Bru which is from the Ivory Coast which has flavor notes of coconut and cinnamon. 

You can check out their website here.

Let me tell you when you open the bag the smell is delectable. It’s a very rich chocolatey aroma. I could definitely just sniff the bag forever. The ground cocoa beans look like course ground beans pretty much like a coffee bean would look like. But, in my opinion smells way better than any bag of coffee beans ever will, but again I’m no coffee drinker. 

Once your water boils if you are using the French press method it takes between 10-12 minutes to brew. So yes, it takes a little time to make, although it has none of the garbage that the little packets you just add water to and stir. 

As for the taste it’s pretty good. I made it on the weak side not knowing if I’d like it. However, I think I made it too weak. So next time I will definitely be following the directions, and brewing this a bit stronger. I’m sure it will take some trial and error to get it to the strength that I like. 

I definitely recommend this if you enjoy drinking a cup of something nice and relaxing. It is of course ridiculously hot here in VA, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be drinking it as when it’s hot out I want nothing to do with hot  food or drinks. Although, I’m already thinking about brewing it and then pouring it over ice.  I think it would taste amazing in a hot day. 

Crio Bru in one of my favorite mugs. 

Oh and I forgot best part Whole 30 approved. 

Holy Headache

This morning I woke up with a pounding headache. I’m fairly certain it was due to a bit of dehydration and possibly a little bit of detoxing going on. As I’ve been eating crap food for quite a while and yesterday it was all whole clean foods. 

I’ve been drinking tons of, okay well tons for me since I know I don’t drink nearly enough throughout the day. However, so far today I’ve drank 72 ounces. So that’s pretty impressive. 

I started the morning out with a big 32oz glass of nice ice cold water, along with my breakfast. And, I’m happy to say that the headache faded quite a bit after eating and drinking my water. 

Along with my plain normal water I’ve been enjoying a cucumber, lemon, mint, and ginger infused water. All I have to say is I love my Infuse Pitcher. I cut up everything, put it in the infuser place in the pitcher fill with water and then a little while later have awesome flavored water. 

This is the second day of my whole 30 and the second day I didn’t have lunch. This again wasn’t planned but I got called to work at the last minute so there was no time to make a lunch to take with me. I know I’m supposed to eat 3 meals and I plan on it tomorrow, but I wasn’t even hungry at lunch time. I will say though when it was time for dinner tonight I was ready for it. And, I can say that this morning I was ready for breakfast, but I was by no means starving or ready to eat my own arm off. 

I definitely notice, and notice quickly that when I’m eating whole, real food I’m no where near as hungry as I am when I eat crap. 

I’m working out my meal plan for tomorrow in my head now. Looking forward to eating some really tasty food. 

If you have the app TwoGrand you can follow me @AbbyR and see all of my meals I’ve been making and eating. 

Happy Tuesday