Tai Chi & Yoga

Today, was yet another day I traveled to a different gym to try out another yoga class and different instructor.
This class was a 90 minute class with the first 30 minutes being Tai Chi followed by 60 minutes of yoga.
The tai chi class was great and I really enjoyed it. A million times more than I did with the tai chi I was taking elsewhere.
The yoga class was great. It was yet another completely different style than what I’ve experienced before. This one was all about working out. We did a ton of abdominal work, and yeah my abs sure can feel all the work they did earlier today. We also did a lot of flowing poses in Warrior and Triangle. Well you can say that my flutes, quads, and hamstrings are feeling the work as well.
The instructor was a lot of fun as well. She was completely different from other instructors in that she was cracking jokes and talking to us about every day stuff. Which was a complete change from what I’m used to.
I will definitely head back to take the class again.
Monday, I’m checking out a Zumba class and than seeing how I’m feeling I will hit up the yoga class after.