I’m In Single Digits Now – Day 21

Today marks 3 weeks of doing the Whole 30, and it also means that I’m in the single digits of days remaining.

Yeah, check that out! SINGLE DIGITS!!!
Did you think that I’d make it this far, because when I started I wasn’t so sure. However, now I’m loving it and finding every day it easier and easier.
The past 3 weeks have been a learning and growing experience for me. I’ve learned that the sugar, sweet, salty, and just plain junk food I loved I’m not missing nearly as much as I thought I would. Will I give it up forever, probably not, because let’s face it a girl needs chocolate every once in a while. However, I’m no longer going to be eating it like I used to nor will I be eating the processed forms of it. While on Whole 30 there haven’t been desserts or any added sugar of any kind, but once it’s over I’ll be using healthier and less refined sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar. I’ve definitely developed a love for this clean and natural way of eating. I really can’t believe how much better I feel, and I’ve only had a few days, less than a handful, where I’ve had moments where I’ve felt hungry. I can honestly say that after eating my meals I’m full until the next meal. I haven’t been snacking like I used to, I have one snack a day on days when I hit the gym. I have either a handful of nuts or a protein ball after my workout or between workouts depending on what workouts I have that day.
I’m definitely moving towards the Paleo diet. I know that there will be times that I won’t be completely Paleo since I’m still missing cheese, and I also really love Mexican food so cheese, sour cream, and corn will happen from time to time. But, a little indulgence from time to time is okay, because if rather allow myself to have it than deny myself and then go on an all out binge. Everything is something that you can eat within moderation and that’s where I’ve been having issues. However, this Whole 30 has taught me a lot and if I can quit all of these things cold turkey for 3 days there is no reason why I can’t continue not to eat them, but only once in a while.
I’ve been looking through my cupboards and seeing that there will be a ton of food that will be going to the food bank because quite frankly I’m not going to be eating the processed crap that it is. I am so glad that I decided to do this Whole 30 because it has definitely changed my perspective on food and what I put in my body.
This morning for breakfast I tried a new recipe. And, it’s a WINNER!!! Sweet Potato Puffs. I love pancakes it may be one of my favorite foods and I’ve even been able to develop a love for gluten free pancakes. Well today I found an even better alternative. Paleo, whole 30 compliant, and more nutritious than gluten free bisquick. I made them like they were silver dollar pancakes, but I’m sure they could be made into full size pancakes although they are a little tricky to flip so the smaller size helps with this issue. I added some cinnamon to them to give them a bit more flavor. I’m sure they would taste amazing with a little drizzle of maple syrup, which I’m sure at some point after my Whole 30 is up I’ll try them that way. Today I just ate them plain with the cinnamon. And, just plain they were fantastic. Super easy to make, and it’s made by using leftovers so even better. You can check out the recipe yourself right here. It’s definitely a keeper in my recipe file.
I’ve started a couple of new Pinterest boards that have to do with this new lifestyle I’m embarking on. And, as I try a recipe I’ve been adding it to my Paleo recipes board. You can check out the board here. There aren’t that many recipes there yet, but I assure you more will find their way there. I have tons of recipes on another board that I haven’t tried yet, and well these ones on this board are only the recipes that I’ve tried and liked. This way they are easy for me to find when I want to make them again. And, well now you can find the recipes I’ve been using easily enough. I’ll be posting links to some of the cookbooks I’ve been using as well with the recipes that I’ve tried. I have several recipes this week that I’ll be making from a couple of new cookbooks I’ve gotten. I can’t wait for Tuesday I will have 3 more books delivered. Yeah, in case you can’t tell this is my new way of life and I’m serious about it.
Lunch was the other half of the sweet potato that was leftover from breakfast, leftover almond crusted tenders and BBQ sauce. Let me tell you homemade BBQ sauce is really easy to make and a 100 times better than anything you buy in the store. I’ll be making my own from now on.
Dinner was ska said from Panera with no cheese or dressing with an apple since I was out finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping.
Happy Sunday everyone and to single digits left on the Whole 30.