Let’s Talk Food

As I’m getting ready to wrap up this round of Whole 30, only 5 days left, I’ve found some amazing new food items and recipes. My first round was in the winter so I was cooking in the house a lot using the oven to bake and roast things. Where as it being the heart of the summer the last thing I want to do is turn on the oven, and let’s not even mention that my oven is tiny, as in I refer to it as the Easy-Bake-Oven. So, with this I’ve been relying a lot on the grill and if it’s raining the trusty grill pan. 

I don’t eat red meat so I’ve been eating lots of chicken and turkey. With this I’ve been doing all sorts of different seasonings with it and adding it to different things. I’ve been throwing leftovers into the frying pan in the morning and eating it as part of my breakfast or throwing it on top of my salad for lunch or dinner. 

I’ve been eating zoodles like crazy. I love them!!!! I’ve done them with a tomato sauce, an avocado pesto sauce that was to die for, and was amazing both warm and cold, and even a cauliflower Alfredo sauce. I’ll link the recipes for both at the end. 

With these new recipes I’ve been trying I found that I needed to try some new ingredients that I hadn’t before. To make the pesto I needed nutritional yeast. I had no idea what it was or even where to find it. Whole Foods to the rescue. As you’ll see if you check out the cauliflower Alfredo recipe it calls for Parmesan cheese however, that’s a no go on the Whole 30 so I substituted the nutritional yeast for the Parmesan. Would I much rather have Parmesan cheese you bet but it was still tasty with this substitution, absolutely. 

Along with nutritional yeast I discovered some new chicken sausages. Aidells has always been a go to for sausage when on Whole 30 as their chicken Apple sausages are compliant. I haven’t been able to find them recently here so I was a bit bummed.  

There must be a whole lot of Whole 30ers out there buying up the supply. 

However, I have found a brand that I love even more. And, not only that but they have several flavors that are compliant. And, when I say they are delicious I mean they are delicious. I could eat them every day I don’t but I could. The brand is Bilinski’s and I’ve found them at Whole Foods.  

I’ve tried 3 flavors so far that are compliant and am in love with them. I’ve tried the:

  • cilantro lime = to die for
  • Mild Italian = was wonderful in sausage peppers and onion
  • Sweet Apple = delicious and perfect for anytime including breakfast 

There are several other flavors that I can’t wait to try after I go through reintroduction as some have added sugar, wine, or cheese. So after seeing how certain foods affect me I’ll be trying other flavors.

I am definitely going to be very mindful of what I’m eating after I complete this Whole 30 and reintroduction phase and not go crazy like I did after the last time I did this. I know for a fact sugar is a trigger food for me one that comes with no brakes and I need to stay away from it. A little here and there, as in measured out and a once in a while thing I think will be able to handle. Of course if I see myself getting out of control I’ll put myself back on the Whole 30 plan again, or well a Whole 7 to get myself back on track. And, of course I also know that junk food is a no breaks type of food for me, chips, dips, French fries, and the like. Again once in a while at a party/BBQ once in a while I think I can handle but they will not be in the house as I’ll just grab them and eat the whole bag. 

I’m glad I know this about myself and am making a concious decision to stay away/limit these items from my life. I haven’t missed them in the last 25 days so I know I can live without them. 

I am interested to see how some of the other foods I’ll try reintroducing will affect me and what if anything else I need to cut out of my diet, not because they are no brakes type food, but simply because my body just doesn’t care for them. I have 6, well 5, foodtypes that I’ll be reintroducing. I’ve decided to split up cheese from dairy to see if I can handle cheese but not dairy, vice versa, or neither. Rice, beans, corn, and gluten-free grains will be the other foods I’ll be reintroducing. 

I’ve also planned this Whole 30 perfectly as my reintroduction phase will take about 2.5 weeks, and will be done with that part of the Whole 30 on the 22nd of August. My birthday is the 26th as well as the day my husband comes home!!! So I’ll be able to celebrate both occasions and know what foods I can enjoy without negative effects on my body. 

I’m definitely taking control of my life and health and will be sticking to these eating habits this time. I know that I’ll fall off the wagon from time to time because well I’m human and some days I’m going to succumb to temptations of bad food choices, because some days I may just need some chocolate or ice cream or cake or chips or what have you and convienence of a packaged meal, but when I do I’ll brush myself off and do a Whole 7 to get myself back on track. 

Here’s the recipes if you’re interested in trying them:

But, I’m off to enjoy the nice day and wishing you all a wonderful day.