Just Your Typical Saturday

I started out my day with a visit from a friend, which is always nice.  We caught up on life and made plans to have dinner tomorrow night.

After the impromptu visit I did my Zumba workout, which was amazing as usual.  After the Zumba workout it was off to pick up my Bountiful Basket, which was actually on time this week and organized. I of course now have 10 pounds of potatoes to add to the 15 pounds I already have. But, hey it stuck them in the pantry and they should keep for a while.

Of course after picking up my basket I had to go to Walmart to try to free my antibiotics from their pharmacy. Ahhhhh, nothing like waiting in line for 30 minutes to be told you have to go wait in the consultation line now, the pharmacist has to talk to you. Are you kidding me!?  It’s a damn Z-Pack! I know how to take it, I’m on it all the time. If you look at your records you will see I was on it last month. Yup, pretty sure I didn’t forget how to take it between then and now. And, even if I had the box makes it pretty self-explanatory. Grrrrr! I need to find another pharmacy that takes our insurance. However, I finally was able to free my antibiotics, and then picked up a few items that I needed. I then headed to the line and nearly lost it when I saw someone at the self check out with 2 overflowing shopping carts. Uhmmmm, okay whatever clearly I’m going to be here a while. After 15 minutes I was finally out of Walmart. Man I hate that place.

Finally, I headed to the grocery store to pick up some items I would need to go with my Bountiful Basket. I also looked for my gluten-free bread, but they were out. I need to start buying several loafs of it when I see it in the store. It seems I can only get it one out of every 4 times I try to buy it. So putting a few loafs in the freezer will be a good thing, because I really do like this bread. It is definitely my favorite type of sandwich bread I’ve tried. If you’re looking for some gluten-free sandwich bread try Franz brand I find it quite delicious and it doesn’t fall apart like other gluten-free breads I’ve tried.

So anyway this was my Saturday nothing to exciting, but I’m thinking I might go ski for a couple of hours tomorrow. Although, it’s supposed to be pretty cold. So, I’ll make the decision in the morning.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.