I Did 10,000

Today, I’m pretty impressed and excited with myself. According to my FitBit I walked 10,000 steps today. I was actually pretty excited about today, because I had a feeling I would get there. I did Zumba this morning and just my normal moving around, and had reached the 5,000 mark by 11AM. I also knew that I was heading to a corn maze and be doing quite a bit of walking around.

I was right the corn maze was ridiculous, and what was even more ridiculous was the map they give you, if you can call it  that. The map was about as useful as bucket with a hole in it. However, we managed to make it out an exit, the wrong exit but it was an exit, so I’m claiming success.

With the trekking through the corn maze for a half hour and the hour of Zumba in the morning I was able to make it to the 10,000 mark. I’m proud of myself because the closest I’ve gotten has been somewhere in the 8,000’s. I’m slowly working up to having 10,000 steps a day be the goal. I’m not there yet, but I will be.

Did you know that it’s recommend that adults get 10,000 steps a day. I had no idea until recently, but now that I do that’s my goal.

Thinking of something fun and active to get me moving tomorrow, who knows what that will be, but 5,000 steps at least will be made.