Ballerinas Are Bad Ass

Last week I finished up week 6 of KettleWorx, and I wanted a bit of a change for strengthening and toning my muscles.  I have been dabbling in Barre classes here and there and really enjoy them, well when they are finished that is.  I’ve found a Barre workout on YouTube, that I’ve done a few times as well that I enjoy.  It works great for when I’m traveling, I can just pull it up on my laptop or iPad and work along with it.

I had been really interested in the Ballet Beautiful workout program that Natalie Portman worked with the creator, while getting ready for Black Swan.  I had been looking into buying the DVD’s, when I decided to check out Amazon, to see if they were available cheaper than on the actual site.  Well, I’m glad I did, because both Ballet Beautiful Classical 60 minute workout and the Ballet Beautiful Full Body Workout DVD’s are on Amazon Prime Instant Video.  SCORE!  First if you don’t have Amazon Prime, get it I don’t know what you are waiting for, and second I can get these videos for free anytime I want.

Today, was the day I scheduled my first workout with the Ballet Beautiful 60 minute full body Classical workout.  Can we say that it may have been the longest, worst hour of my life.  HOLY CROW!  I had watched the video the other day, so that I would know what to expect in the workout, and it didn’t look to difficult, although I felt like she was in a bridge position for an entirely way too long amount of time.  Well, guess what folks I think I was about 5 minutes into the workout and boy could I feel the burn.  WOW!  And, as for being in that bridge position for way too long, I was right.  My butt, hips, and thighs are definitely feeling it.  Throughout the entire workout I could feel the burn, and had to push myself through.  I definitely stuck to any modifications that were given and I’m a little worried at how my legs are going to feel in the morning, but the workout was totally worth it.  Every muscle that was said to be working, definitely was, because I felt it.

This workout is great because its low impact, and no weight except your own bodyweight is used.  I love this fact, because I will be traveling at Christmas time, and its nice to know that I will need to grab my iPad or laptop, and an hour of time to get this workout in.  I won’t need to concern myself with other equipment to complete this.

If you are looking for a low impact workout that works your whole body, and that you can feel working, you might want to check this out.  It’s pretty hardcore though.  If I wasn’t as motivated as I am to push myself to get fit, lean, and healthy, I probably only would have done a portion of the workout, but I can do it, and I need to push myself no more excuses.