New Kicks

This morning the FedEx man delivered my new running shoes. They would of been here last week, but with us heading out of town I had FedEx put them on a vacation hold.
Anyway, this morning they arrived. I haven’t tried them out yet, other than to make sure they fit. But, they felt pretty awesome.
I love the barefoot/minimalist sneakers I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular sneakers again. I have some New Balance, Nike, and Merrells. I’m currently running in my Merrell’s and I love them. I actually didn’t even get shin splints when I first started run training which I ALWAYS get, so right there was love.
The new kicks are again the barefoot type made by SKORA. I’ve never tried their sneakers before, but when they are having a sale and thanks to EveryMove I had $30 off a pai of sneakers I figured why not. I ended up paying half price for them. And, well if I don’t like them for running I have a cute pair of sneakers to wear.
I’ll let you know how I like them after a few weeks of testing them out.
Here’s a pic of them:

Yeah they are cute do either way score for me.
And, if you are not an EveryMove member yet sign up its free and you can earn discounts on all sorts of stuff.

New Running Shoes

I never thought I’d say I love running shoes for just that running. I love sneakers, I have quite the vast collection, of course until recently they were very rarely used for running, just comfort and style.

Now, that I’m working on becoming a runner, I’m in love with running shoes. I’m a fan of the barefoot and minimalist styles. By barefoot styles I’m not talking about the ones with the toes those are just weird and something that I can’t do. But, the Vibram barefoot feel is amazing. My first pair I bought is a pair of Merrell’s. And, well I fell in love with them. I then also picked up some New Balance Minimalist. I really like the lightweight feel of the shoes, and the flexibility of the shoe. I own tons of sneakers that are not this type, and well rarely wear them anymore. They just feel too heavy and not flexible enough for me anymore.

These are my first barefoot type running sneakers I bought. And, well I love them. They’ve been getting a lot of use over the last 10.5 weeks, for what they were intended running, not just because I thought they looked cool and were comfortable.

Well thanks To REI, end of the year sales, combined with holiday sales incentives, and dividends I was able to score my second pair of Merrell’s for 70% off. Merry Christmas to me! I’m pretty excited to break these new guys in.

Yes, they are the exact same sneaker I already have. If you love something why mess with it?