I’m A Bum

I’ve been a complete and total bum today. I really needed to do housework today, but I haven’t done any of it.
It’s a chillier day and kind of dreary out and I’ve been curled up on the couch with my book.
Tomorrow I have appointments and will be following that up with all of the stuff I should have done around the house today.
Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Just Not Feeling It

Today has been a complete waste of a day. I’ve been loafing around. I had to force myself to workout at 3 today, because I had done absolutely nothing all day. Well, I read a book but for being active that I was definitely not.
I’ve been running around and doing some errands so that’ll help with my activity level today. And, well now it’s time for some baseball. Only 2 more games after this and then it’s playoff time.